Monday, August 25, 2014

Election Day Tomorrow - Florida Democratic Governor's Primary

Tomorrow, Florida Democrats will choose a candidate to challenge incumbent Governor Rick Scott. Although Scott's first term was plagued with corruption, constitutional violations, and widespread unpopularity, he has recent managed to regain voter confidence. Polls that show him in the lead or close indicate that Independent male voters and white women are helping Scott.

The Democratic primary season was nonexistent. Candidate Charlie Crist (also former governor and Republican) refused to debate his challenger Nan Rich. Although Rich is a long-time Democrat, many Florida voters believe Crist is the only viable candidate for the Democrats. That is probably a wise assessment. Florida is heavily divided in state-wide elections. Crist attracts voters all over the political spectrum. Rich does not. Many hardcore Democrats really want Rich on the ticket. Others, however, want a victory in November.

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