Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Romney's Worst Hypocrisy: Today, He Derides the "Entitlement" Society, But He Implemented "Romneycare"

Mitt Romney's secretly recorded comments that negatively describe supporters of President Obama have generated much criticism. Many of the critics have uncovered the inaccuracies in Romney's comments. Many of these critics, however, have overlooked one of the most pernicious elements of his comments. Although Romney bashes Obama's supporters as people who see themselves as "victims" and who crave reliance on government programs, he is actively seeking the support of seniors by promising them that he will strengthen Medicare - one of the world's largest public benefits programs.

But the most hypocritical issue related of his comments concerns their conflict with his legacy as governor of Massachusetts. While Romney bashes some Americans as relying on public support, when he was governor of Massachusetts, he presided over that state's implementation of universal healthcare. That program is almost identical to the Affordable Care Act, which conservatives deride as "Obamacare."

Until now, Romney has made a weak attempt to distinguish Romneycare from Obamacare on the grounds of federalism. His plan reflected the special interests and needs of persons within the state of Massachusetts, while Obamacare seeks to impose a uniform remedy across the nation.

Holding aside the inaccuracies in this argument, Romney should now try explain why the voters of Massachusetts who wanted universal healthcare were not "victims" and leeches of public assistance. Simply saying they were state voters does not answer the questions Romney raises in his comments. If people who desire public healthcare benefits are simply the product of an entitlement society, then Romney absolutely catered to these same interests while he was the governor of Massachusetts. Today, however, he is singing to another tune. His voice is off-key.


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