Thursday, June 7, 2012

Virtually Unreported: Democrats Gain Control of Wisconsin Senate

While the media has obsessed over Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's successful victory in Tuesday's recall election, only a few sources have reported that the Democrats gained control of the Wisconsin senate. The Washington Times, a very conservative newspaper, was among the first media to cover this story (L.A. Times also now covering it).

Although Walker survived the recall effort, Democrat John Lehman defeated incumbent Republican Senator Van Wanggaard. The successful recall of Wanggard gives Democrats a slim majority in the state senate.

This was the third successful recall effort by Wisconsin Democrats over incumbent Republicans since 2010. Three Republicans, however, retained their seats on Tuesday.


blueeyes said...

Puhleeze !!!!
Wisconsin senate is not in session now nor will it be before fall elections where 16 or 33 senate seats are up for grabs.
So it would stand to reason that it would be "virtually unreported"!

I luv democracy & politicians willing to take on the difficult issues, we need more like scott walker, God bless him !

Infidel753 said...

The reports of imminent doom for the union movement also ignore the fact that similar anti-worker laws were recently overturned in Ohio by referendum, by a huge margin. A lot of people in Wisconsin who voted for Walker weren't sympathetic to his policies, they were uncomfortable with the idea of a recall over policy differences

Darren Lenard Hutchinson said...

Blueeyes: Good point, but I do not agree that this is enough to explain the virtual absence of any reporting on the issue. I do not view the media as thorough or insightful.

PS: The Democrats would also control any special sessions that convene.

Fidel: great point.

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