Monday, May 14, 2012

Trayvon Martin: Breaking News and Updates - May 14, 2012

Prosecution Evidence
Special prosecutor Angela Corey filed evidence that supports charging George Zimmerman with second-degree murder for killing Trayvon Martin. The Orlando Sentinel has details in this breaking story. This type of filing is done routinely in criminal cases. Zimmerman's attorney will now have the opportunity to prepare a defense for his client.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, the evidence includes video from the club house in the housing development where Zimmerman shot Martin. Zimmerman stated that Trayvon was approaching the clubhouse during his call to police.

Zimmerman wants to keep the public from seeing the evidence. His attorney is filing a motion in that regard.

Trayvon Martin Shooting Target
In one of the most despicable events related to this case, an anonymous online vendor has created a likeness of Trayvon Martin for use as a shooting target. The seller has not announced how many items were sold, but says that the product sold out in two days with "overwhelming" response. Sickness sells.

Trayvon Martin's Mother Films Mother's Day Message 
Sybrina Fulton, the mother of Trayvon Martin, filmed a video message for Mother's Day. In the video, Fulton expresses grief over the loss of her son. She also campaigns against gun violence and "Stand Your Ground" laws, similar to the one in Florida.


Fred Moore, Jr. said...

I commend you for a very interesting mix of stories that you are blogging about. I appreciate the legal analysis as it adds something extra that the average blog lacks. Keep it coming.

Unknown said...

Darren, do blatantly racist things like the Trayvon as a shooting target "product" help the feds in their investigation of Trayvon's shooting as a hate crime, or do they have nothing to do with it, since they are actions not involving anyone actually associated with Trayvon Martin or George Zimmerman?

Kathy Kattenburg

Anonymous said...

I am interested to know what you think about the results of the medical exam of Zimmerman that shows extensive injuries, in addition to the evidence that Martin had bruised knuckles. This evidence seems to contradict early accounts that Zimmerman did not suffer any injuries at the hands of Martin.

Dan Crooks

Darren Lenard Hutchinson said...

Sisyphus: I haven't read any report of Zimmerman suffering "extensive" injuries, but I argued a long time ago that Zimmerman suffering injuries is consistent with TRAYVON MARTIN defending himself against an armed person stalking him at night. Certainly, the prosecutor will try to prove that Martin acted in self-defense.

Matt P. said...

Who knows what really exactly happened that night but we can all agree it was a tragedy. In a country with 312 million people 2 of them get together from time-to-time and there is a bad outcome. This happens on a nightly basis and in my mind any one incident like this is little proof of racism, etc. Alan Dershowitz seems to have a view quite contrary to your take on the evidence (which you seem to only present partly I might add). It is my understanding as well that there was an eyewitness who say Martin on top of Zimmerman.

Matt P. said...

Witness statement indicating Zimmerman was yelling for help and was mounted and being pummeled.

Darren Lenard Hutchinson said...


1. Dershowitz is a partisan hack. He is not respected among law professors - even at his own school. Regardless, his take on the evidence is simply that -- his take.

2. It is up to the jury to determine whether Zimmerman is guilty. But you are making the same conclusion that others have made- that it is impossible to believe that Trayvon was defending himself. If YOU were being pursued at night by an armed individual, would you fight to defend yourself? If so, then you should extend the same right to Trayvon.

3. Proof of racism existed long before this incident -- whether you accept it or not.

4. Another witness says that Trayvon was afraid because a creepy guy he did not know was following him in a car and on foot.

Darren Lenard Hutchinson said...

Kathy - Sorry it took so long to respond. I was tied down with work issues. But no - the shooting target has no bearing on this case in the legal sense. But it certainly does have great implications for the status of race in the US. While Matt P. seems to believe that racism does not exist, people are flocking to buy the image of a black man as a shooting target.

Matt P. said...

Where did I write in this thread that racism doesn't exist? Is Dershowitz a GOP partisan? News to me. Please provide me with some evidence of him being partisan. In support of Israel...I guess. Against black teenagers and in support of hispanics? Speaking of partisan hacks, one of my definitions would be a law professors blog that is obsessed with racial issues and its absolute failure to call out Elizabeth Warren. Hackery at its finest.

Matt P. said...

PS. Do you care to dissect Dershowitz's opinion or just call him a hack? Classic ad hominem.

rpannier said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
rpannier said...


One of the witnesses has said they could not be sure who was on top after they had said Martin was on top.
But, that's really rather irrelevant to whether Zimmerman is guilty of murder or not.

If someone jumps you and you get the upper hand that's you being better at defending yourself, than the other guy is at assaulting you. If he shoots in the course of you the struggle he is still charged with murder.

Most of the rest of what we're hearing, Martin being suspended from school, his personal posts on line, etc because Zimmerman could not have known about any of them before he began stalking Treyvon.

On a personal note, if Zimmerman had been following me, I'd have jumped him and beaten the you-know-what out of him too.

(reposted for error in the original)

Matt P. said...


"IF" is the key part of your post along with it being completely wrong legally. There is no evidence of Zimmerman jumping him. and "IF" Zimmerman jumped him and THEN was thoroughly beaten and having his head pounded into the ground and shoots Martin then Zimmerman is using self-defense.

All that matters legally is whether Trayvon Martin's physical attack on him caused him to reasonably fear serious bodily injury. Zimmerman's testimony, which is supported by proof of his injuries and witnesses observing the struggle, is that Martin broke his nose and banged his head against cement. He tried to get up and couldn't. Using an objective standard, a reasonable person in that situation would fear imminent serious bodily injury if he didn't react with force.

For another much more thorough review of the evidence from another "partisan hack: I suggest you head to Talk Left Magazine:

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