Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Black-On-Black Crime Discussion Is a Racist Maneuver

Conservatives have a sudden interest in "black-on-black crime." I place the term in quotes, because it is a peculiar term reserved for blacks. Although most violent crimes are "intraracial," only black-on-black crime is set aside for special analysis.

Despite all of the attention that academics, activists, and individual blacks have given this issue, conservatives have suddenly jumped on the wagon. But their interest is simply exploitative. They do not care about black-on-black crime. Instead, they wish to condemn people for focusing on the racial dimensions the Trayvon Martin's story. I have already written on this subject.

Although listening to the conservative bile might lead one to believe that no one has ever cared about black homicide victims, this is simply untrue. I just performed a Google search (at 10:35AM EST) for "black on black crime," limiting the results to stories that were published between January 1, 2000 and February 25, 2012 (the day before Martin was killed). Here are the results, as per Google: About 80,700 results (0.19 seconds). Ergo, the conservatives are simply wrong. Let's move on to an honest discussion of homicides and race.

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