Saturday, April 21, 2012

Armed Thugs Force Interracial Couple From Their Home; Cops Arrest Couple!

There is disturbing news from Newton County, Georgia today. According to several reports, Jean-Joseph and Angelica Kalonji were changing the locks on a home they purchased when two gun-wielding thugs confronted them. The father and son duo pointed their weapons at the Kalonjis and ordered them from their home.

Police arrived on the scene, and rather than arresting the neighbors for assault with a deadly weapon (at a minimum), they arrested the homeowners, charging them with loitering and prowling. Jean-Joseph Kalonji said that the terrible situation triggers awful memories from his life in the Congo: "There, they put me down with the gun to my head, and [after I] come here, the same. . . ." A spokesperson for the county sheriff's office said that authorities were "“looking into it, exactly what occurred, why it occurred."

Angelica Kalonji's Facebook page states that she is from Bucharest, Romania. Her husband Jean-Joseph is from Lubumbas, Katanga, Congo.

BREAKING NEWS: Police have arrested the assailants.

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