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George Zimmerman, Killer of Trayvon Martin: The Man Who Would Be Cop


The Miami Herald and the Orlando Sentinel have published additional reports regarding the death of Trayvon Martin. Both articles portray George Zimmerman, Martin's killer, as someone with a deep -- almost pathological -- desire to become a police officer.

Zimmerman longed to become a police officer.  In 2008 he applied to attend a local law enforcement academy, but he never entered the program. Nevertheless, Zimmerman apparently seized every opportunity to live out his fantasy of becoming a law enforcement officer.

When his neighborhood association considered the idea of starting a neighborhood watch program, Zimmerman was the only person to volunteer. In his role as watch captain, Zimmerman warned neighbors to watch for suspicious persons, particularly "young black men" whom he believed were outsiders.

Although some neighbors say that Zimmerman's efforts prevented crimes, others, particularly blacks, complained about his tactics. Teontae Aime, a 17-year-old neighbor, said that Zimmerman "would circle the block and circle it; it was weird. . . If he had spotted me, he’d probably ask me if I lived here. He was known for being really strict.” Another black resident said that he stopped walking in the neighborhood because he fit the "stereotype" of individuals that Zimmerman deemed suspicious.

According to local police, Zimmerman made dozens of 911 calls over the last 15 months. Usually, he called to report "suspicious" persons in the neighborhood. Zimmerman, however, has engaged in fantasy policing outside of the neighborhood watch program. In 2003, he followed a shoplifter in his car and called police to assist with an arrest. He also pursued another driver whom he said spat at him. The other driver, however, said that an "irate" Zimmerman was tailgating him. No arrests were made.

Although he claimed to respect police, Zimmerman allowed his fantasies to supplant official police advice. During his 911 call, for example, the dispatcher told Zimmerman not to pursue Martin, but he ignored this warning.

Furthermore, Wendy Dorival, a local police officer who coordinates neighborhood watch programs, says that she told Zimmerman in September 2011 never to take matters into his own hands:
“I said, ‘If it’s someone you don’t recognize, call us. We’ll figure it out. . . Observe from a safe location.' There’s even a slide about not being vigilante police. I don’t know how many more times I can repeat it.” 
Sadly, for Trayvon Martin and his grieving family, Dorival's compelling warnings were ignored. Instead, Zimmerman, the man who would be cop, pursued an innocent boy and killed him. Yet, he remains a free man.

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topcat03 said...

He needs to be lock up for years the guy was stalking the young man and now he deserves to go to prison

FormFactor said...

And yet none of that proves Zimmerman first assaulted Martin any more than unflattering details of Martin's life and equally unflattering photos of Martin prove that he first assaulted Zimmerman.

Moreover, Zimmerman broke no laws in confronting Martin despite whatever cop fantasies he may have harbored just as Martin broke no laws despite whatever thug life fantasies he harbored.

Darren Lenard Hutchinson said...

You don't know whether Zimmerman broke any laws! Stalking and approaching someone with a weapon is at least assault under the right circumstances. Also - "thug life" fantasies? I guess you're afraid of hoodies too.

jorge Cajamarca said...

I think it is sad in both cases. I believe the parenting was at fault here. Clearly George should not be policing his neighborhood the way he did. His family should not have allowed him to do that a long time ago. Also Martins family should have thought this young boy that beating someone who disrespects you is no solution.

I hope people out there learn from all this and stop judging someone they do not know.

Treyvon was not a threat, bad judgement.

George was not trying to disrespect Trayvon. Bad judgement.

No one wins here.

Darren Lenard Hutchinson said...

Jorge - I am not sure you can say that Martin simply felt disrespected. Zimmerman was stalking him at night by car and on foot. He was also carrying a loaded gun. A reasonable person would have felt very afraid - not simply disrespected.

Truth said...

It's plain and simple. George Zimmerman murdered Trayvon Martin in cold blood and he has no excuse! All Mr. Zimmerman is doing is trying to cover his butt. He's a liar and the truth shall be revealed. Only people who are supporting George Zimmerman's lies are his family and racists folks who have deceived themselves to believe that they are not racist when in fact they are. Who care that he got one African American to stand up on his behalf. It means nothing. I am many others are outraged and rightfully so! For those who are supporting George Zimmerman, you would be singing another song if this were your son. You do not value Trayvon's life because he is an African American male-plain and simple!

Truth said...

There was no obvious sign of any injury to Zimmerman's head or face on the video until it was enhanced.

ABC NEWSA new enhanced version of the surveillance... View Full Size ABC NEWSA new enhanced version of the surveillance video of George Zimmerman in custody, may support neighborhood-watch shooter's story in the Trayvon Martin shooting.
But Dr. Vidor Friedman, president of the Florida College of Emergency Physicians, remains unconvinced.

"If somebody had been beating his head against concrete I'd think we'd see more obvious scrapes," Friedman said. He also said he would expect to see bandages on Zimmerman's head.

More significantly for Friedman was the condition of Zimmerman's nose.

"All of the ridges in his nose are clearly defined. You would expect significant swelling in the hour or two after a break. There appears to be none. It doesn't look like his nose was broken or badly broken," Friedman said.

Police Video Surveillance of George Zimmerman

The initial police report noted that Zimmerman was bleeding from the back of the head and nose, and his lawyer later claimed that Zimmeran suffered a broken nose. After receiving medical attention at the scene of the shooting, it was decided that he was in good enough condition to travel in a police cruiser to the Sanford, Fla., police station for questioning. He did not check into the emergency room following the police questioning.

Truth said...

“George Zimmerman claimed self defense and the police seemed to agree with him because he has neither been arrested nor charged with a crime.”

In 2005, Zimmerman was arrested and charged with “resisting officer with violence” and “battery of law enforcement officer.” In the same year (2005), Zimmerman’s ex-fiance, Veronica Zuazo, filed a civil motion for a restraining order, alleging domestic violence.

And for the record, the issue is not a “local issue”. The policing authority failed to do their job (These are just plain facts). If it were not for the media and the MASSES OF PEOPLE protesting and demanding justice, this whole situation would have been swept under the rug. The sad reality is that this type of thing happens all of the time, however the “Trayvon Martin” is just helping to expose this type of injustice.

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