Friday, March 16, 2012

BREAKING NEWS in Trayvon Martin Case: Officer in the Case Has A Prior Record of Racial Controversy

WFTV, a local Florida television station, reports that the supervising officer who initially responded to the killing of Trayvon Martin in Sanford has a prior record of racial controversy. In 2010, Sergeant Anthony Raimondo declined to arrest Justin Collison, who brutally attacked a black homeless man, leaving him unconscious and breaking his nose. Collison, who is white, is the son of a Sanford police officer and the grandson of a former Florida judge.

Collison was intoxicated at the time of the unprovoked attack. Also, a Youtube video captured the attack while it occurred. Despite having possession of the video, Raimando still refused to arrest Collison. Police only arrested Collison after the national media released the video and criticized police handling of the case.

Note: Police have released the 911 tapes. The tape of Zimmerman's call contradicts police accounts of the Martin's killing.

Also, for an analysis of the legal and race issues in this case, see: Sorry, Trayvon Martin: They Just Don't Like You.


theaceofthespade said...

The Justin Collins issue was not about race. If anything, it was a problem because the offender was a cop's son. But the victim never even pressed charges (being an addict himself, and apparently having an attitude of "it happens."
It wasn't until the national news put pressure on the police that they even arrested the Collins, and even then the victim just asked him to donate money to charity instead of going to jail.

Richard Cuff said...
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RC said...

You're right, it's not about race. The victim willingnees to press charges has nothing to do with whether he should have been carted of to jail. It is the courts job to determine guilt or innocence not the cops. So I guess if the victim dies the offer goes free because the victim can't possibly press charges. Oh yeah, that is what's happening now in this Trayvon Martin case.

Jeremiah Wrong said...

The media has deliberately ommitted the facts in this case in order to fan the flames of the politically-correct narrative:

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