Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sheriff Clarence Dupnik on Democracy Now

Amy Goodman recently interviewed Sheriff Clarence Dupnik of Pima County, Arizona, on the radio program Democracy Now! Dupnik rails against Arizona's extremely liberal gun laws and the inflamed political rhetoric that he believes could have contributed to the shooting that killed several people in Tuscon. Although the link between political discourse and the shooting remains unsubstantiated (many psychotic killers rant about politics), the interview is still an interesting listen.

Dupnik also discusses the mental health issues the crime raises and the lack of public support for psychiatric facilities. This part of the interview supplies the best quotation from Dupnik (who is known for his colorful rhetoric): "The finest psychiatric facility in our county is the Pima County jail."


liberal dissent said...
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liberal dissent said...

Nice to see the words "Arizona Sheriff" in a news story and not have it be about Joe Arpaio.

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