Friday, December 10, 2010

The United States: A Nation of Hypocrites

I have said it before. In light of a new survey, however, it is worth repeating: the United States is a nation of hypocrites. According to a Bloomberg survey, most Americans want to reduce the national deficit, but they want to do so without any cuts to entitlements, which are among the biggest budget items. Also, they only want tax increases for the wealthiest individuals. So, Americans want to keep the rate of spending, maintain the same tax rates for most people, and magically eliminate the deficit. Good luck.


Nathan said...

I think you've got it!

G. said...

Not fair. Americans have seen where the money's gone. Let's claw back the bonuses, imprison some traders and bankers, and restore the idea that the rules are not just for the little people. We could do a lot of good with a transaction tax on the Wall Street casino.

I've been prefunding my Social Security pension since 1983, as well as paying for older generations. To get Medicare under control means getting medical costs under control; let's have single payer, the way other civilized countries do, instead of forced payments to insurance companies.

Come on, this is just too easy. I didn't participate in the orgy of fraud and speculation. Why should I have to pay for it?

Bill said...

Hypocrites? or schizophrenic? or childlike, ish? isn't it the nearsighted - farsighted problem? I know what taxes I pay and I want to pay less. Same with the benefits I receive, directly -- I don't perceive roads, libraries, research, or defense as a direct benefit to me. The national deficit is an abstraction, and I'm agin it. Not sure it is the moral failure of hypcrisy as much as the vision thing.

Darren Lenard Hutchinson said...

G: Sorry, but Medicare, Social Security, Military (including VA and other health benefits) represent the biggest spending packages by far. People have to choose what they want. When I saw people going around saying "keep the government out of Medicare" and then voting for Republicans, I laughed and cried. Maybe it isn't hypocrisy, but idiocy? Pick your poison.

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