Thursday, December 9, 2010

Repeat After Me: Obama Is A Moderate

Every time new legislation or policies fall short of the expectations of progressives, several things happen. First, progressives complain that President Obama (yet again) has rushed to compromise with moderates and conservatives. Second, media commentators praise President Obama for being pragmatic and willing to work with others. Third, conservatives describe the legislation or policies as evidence of President Obama's sinister plot to turn the US into a communist society. To all who have engaged in this discourse, repeat after me: Obama is a moderate.

Progressives Continue to Ignore Reality
Regular readers of this blog know that I have long described Obama as a moderate -- even before he was elected. A long list of prior blog entries on this subject appears below this article. During the Democratic primaries, when Obama was the untouchable darling of the progressive community, I often watched with alternating confusion and amazement over the Left's collective worship of Obama and its portrayal of him as a progressive figure.

After Obama was elected, several factors indicated that he would fall far short of the wild expectations that many progressives had of him. He appointed despised Clinton-era officials to positions in his own administration. He chose Hillary Clinton, a "defeated" enemy of the political left, as his Secretary of State. And he would soon show his commitment to some policies of the Bush administration that progressives had vigorously opposed.

Although these decisions caused some progressives to awaken quickly from what I have described as an Obama-Vegetative State (a condition in which the patient is unable to think critically about Obama), clearly, others remain wedded to the unsubstantiated idea that Obama is a true progressive.

Despite the variety of data that prove Obama's moderate leanings, many progressives cling to the fantasy that he is a leftist. Accordingly, they become extremely upset when he dives toward the center and "compromises" with Republicans and moderate Democrats on issues such as the healthcare public option, the Bush tax cuts, and the magnitude and substance of the economic stimulus. Progressives demand that Obama negotiate from the left and move slightly to the right. Surprisingly, they assume that he shares their desire to start from the left in the first place.

The False Pragmatism Canard
In response to progressive criticism over Obama's political moderation, media commentators scold progressives for being partisans. They also praise Obama for being flexible and strategic. These commentators believe that Obama is a progressive but that he, unlike his progressive critics, is pragmatic. Most of these commentators, however, do not even engage the possibility that Obama himself is a strategic moderate who occupies the center not because failing to do so would doom him politically, but because this is the political space that coincides with his own ideological commitments.

The Conservative Red Scare Tactic
No one can convince Obama's rightwing critics that he is not a Muslim, socialist, communist, foreign-born individual causing the inevitable destruction of US society. So, I will leave them to their ideas. It is interesting, however, that the right and the left are equally drawn to their belief that Obama is a progressive.

What Progressives Must Do
If progressives wish to engage in helpful politics, they must first embrace a strategy grounded in reality rather than fiction. President Obama is a moderate. Starting with this premise creates the conditions for effective political action.

Second, progressives must become students of history. Moderate presidents have presided over deeply progressive social change, such as the abolition of slavery, the extension of voting rights to women, and the implementation of extensive civil rights legislation in the 1960s. If progressives study this history, they can learn how to build effective political action for change.

Third, progressives must engage in organized social movement behavior to shape public opinion about the need for change -- rather than exclusively focusing on their defeats. Although many progressives continue to participate in collective politics, these efforts are literally drowned out by the voices of critics who are continually frustrated by a president who does not satisfy their unrealistic expectations about his political ideology.

Finally, progressives need to engage in multidimensional political advocacy. Focusing on one political figure is a completely ineffective political strategy. Historically, political change has come about as a result of complex activism at the local, state and federal level. This political action has targeted voters, corporations, lawmakers, and executive branch officials. It has also involved courts and litigation. For many progressives, however, the national government -- and more specifically Obama -- has absolute centrality.

Social movements have produced remarkable progressive changes in the US. Part of this history involved criticism of political leaders. Nonetheless, a large part of that history centered around crafting public information campaigns and fostering ties with the public and with multiple layers of politicians and private entities to create political opportunities for change. If progressives refuse to follow this historical practice, then they will have to blame themselves as much as (or even more than) Obama for the failure of progressive politics.

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Infidel753 said...

many progressives cling to the fantasy that he is a leftist.

I've never understood where that came from. He never claimed to be anything other than a centrist as far as I can remember. Hillary seemed much more the fiery fighter for liberal causes.

And as you point out, a single messianic figure changing the world isn't how things actually get done. I wish people would pay more attention to Congress, which the radicals seem to understand even less well than they understand Obama.

Darren Lenard Hutchinson said...

I think Clinton is a party player, much more than Obama. Democrats foolishly saw that as a negative trait. They said that she would say or do anything to get elected; I think that referred to her willingness to appease her base and her party. Obama said that he, by contrast, would not engage in partisan politics and would reach across the aisle. That's what he is doing, and the Left is mad. Stunning lack of critical thinking.

Joyce L. Arnold said...

Another of my occasional attempts to comment. For whatever reason, Blogspot doesn't like me.

The call for "multidimensional political advocacy" reflects my thinking very well. I do know there are people who are engaged in such efforts, but I also fear that for others, "advocacy" has been reduced to the level of signing an online petition. And maybe voting.

As for Obama, I continue to think he's doing what he wants, and as he signaled he would do during the campaigns.

I also continue to appreciate reading your thoughts, Darren.

Edgar Ndjatou, Esq said...

Professor Hutchinson, you have made my day with this post!

jf said...

I really appreciate your blog. Thank you, and keep on keepin' on!
I have come to recognize "moderate Democrat" as a euphemism for "Blue Dog Democrat", especially with respect to Obama as the NYT has confirmed.
See, e.g.: "Privately, Mr. Obama has described himself, at times, as essentially a Blue Dog Democrat, referring to the shrinking caucus of fiscally conservative members of the party."

Darren Lenard Hutchinson said...

Thanks, everyone, for the responses!

Edgar: I'm glad I made your day. :)

Sue said...

Great job Darren. I appreciate who President Obama is, but I am one of the unhappy liberals. I voted for him because I could not waste my vote on a third party candidate and could NEVER vote for the republican candidate. So here I sit, greatly disappointed. Seriously, I never liked Barack Obama and still don't. I don't want my Democrat president to be a Blue Dog. I do feel betrayed even if that isn't reasonable thinking.

Darren Lenard Hutchinson said...

Sue, I understand your frustration. The fact that he is a moderate does not excuse his decision not to do some things for his base. Perhaps this will be his true downfall. Staying so close to the middle that he loses the most potent source of power -- his base. Although blacks probably remain very loyal; perhaps he is counting on black and Latino voters to bring him back.

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