Sunday, October 31, 2010

An Insane Day of Sanity

Jon Stewart's Rally to Restore Sanity has come to a conclusion. As a resident of Washington, DC, I went to the rally, hoping to get a front row seat, but the size of the crowd was absolutely insane.

CBS News estimated that 215,000 people attended the rally. Other sources put the figure at 250,000. Either way, that's a lot of sanity.

I spent the day taking shots of signs and talking to rally-goers. Here is part of my photo collection. Click the photos to enlarge.

Definitely -- the Best Sign of the day comes from this poor newbie voter in South Carolina.

The best combination of costuming (a lot of people celebrated Halloween) and signage comes from this colonial soldier who wants to repeal the Third Amendment (the one about quartering of soldiers).

I also liked this take on "The Rent Is Too Damn High."

The Capitol building looked lovely on the crisp fall day.

A lot of folks carried signs advocating the legalization of marijuana. Some people used humor to convey the message.

I did not take this picture, but it shows the size of the crowd (I yanked this from a friend's Facebook page).

I could not get shots of some other great signs. One person carried a sign which said that "An old grizzly endorsing a constitutionally challenged witch cannot be good for politics" (very close paraphrase, alluding to Sarah Palin and Christine O'Donnell).

Finally, feel free to use these photos, but please say that you got them from Dissenting Justice. Happy Sanity!


Alessandro Machi said...

I always burn in my website address on photos that I post on my blogs that I took or want to be credited for. Just a suggestion.

Sue said...

Lucky You!! I wish I could have been there, what an enormous crowd! I posted Jon's closing speech on my blog, wasn't it great?!

I understand that poor new voter with her choice of DeMint or Greene, what a shame! Great sign too!

Darren Lenard Hutchinson said...

Alessandro: Thanks for the tip.
Sue: It was really great! I told the South Carolina voter to consider a write-in candidate! lol.

Hippi Chicki Niki said...

Yeah for bloggers who give us reports on awesome rallies!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Darren. Long time no see, but thanks for dropping me a note.

The pics are great and the signs belly-laughs funtastic (yes).

And yet, in keeping with your own call to agitate (grin), I must sprinkle some rain on this sanity parade, thanks to the indomitable Chris Hedges, whose take on the Stewart's rally and the American "phantom Left" is absolutely must-read. I think you'll like it, even though you may not immediately agree with all he says. Then again, you may.

(I did, very much so, even though I love Jon Stewart.)

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