Friday, September 3, 2010

Jan Brewer: No More Debates!

Jan Brewer's horrendous performance in the recent Arizona gubernatorial debate has become an Internet sensation. Brewer stumbled during her opening statement. She sat silent and uncomfortable or nearly ten seconds, unable to recall what she should say. And she repeatedly used incorrect grammar, describing what "we have did" for Arizona.

Brewer has now called it quits: no more debates. Brewer says she cannot perform well in an "adversarial" process (so why does she want to govern one of the largest states in the nation). She also foolishly admitted that she agreed to the debate only to qualify for state campaign assistance. Translation: I do not want the voters to realize that I have no answers when my ideas are challenged, but thanks for the campaign funding.

Here is video footage of Brewer's awful opening statement.

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