Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Howard Dean on Mosque: "I Think Another Site Would Be A Better Idea"

Howard Dean has come out against Park51 (the so-called Ground Zero Mosque). During a radio interview, Dean called for a "compromise" and denied that the issue had anything to do with the "rights" of Muslims to have a place of worship.

When asked whether he thought the project should move to another location, Dean said that "I think another site would be a better idea." The tape appears below this post.

Dean is a famed liberal who has challenged moderate Democrats on many issues. During his unsuccessful presidential run in 2004, he famously said that he represented the "Democratic wing of the Democratic Party," a slight to hawkish candidates like Senator John Kerry.

But as Glenn Greenwald points out, Dean's position on this issue aligns him with folks like Newt Gingrich. His opinion also mirrors Sarah Palin's. Furthermore, Dean's position on this issue makes him more conservative than folks like Ted Olson and Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey.

Dean seems to want to end the conflict, but he does so by denying the religious rights at stake. President Obama's stance that acknowledges religious freedom remains a welcome intervention on this subject among Democrats.

UPDATE: Dean tries to defend his comments. As the kids today would say: FAIL.

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Josh said...

Wasn't moving Jews into their own segregated ghettos initially billed as a compromise?

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