Monday, July 19, 2010

OUCH: Las Vegas Journalist Declares "Sharron Angle Is Dead"

Las Vegas Sun writer Jon Ralston has made a very ominous declaration for Nevada Republicans: "Sharon Angle is dead. . . ." Ralston offers a pretty dreadful picture regarding the future of Angle's campaign to become a US Senator. Here is a clip from the article:
With Angle’s hot air balloon leaking helium about as rapidly as oil left that Gulf well — 45 days and counting and the GOP Senate nominee still has not plugged it — the question is whether she can survive the fall to earth.

At least three polls I know of show Angle trailing Harry Reid, including Friday’s Mason-Dixon survey that has the Senate majority leader ahead, 44-37, outside the margin of error. Even if you don’t believe one of the polls, the trend is inescapable and the race’s dynamic is fundamentally altered.

Coming up on the 100-day mark until the election — and only three months until early voting starts — Reid remains manifestly unpopular, with more than half of those surveyed indicating they will not vote for him. But his strategy of driving people away from Angle and into either a “none of the above” posture or a oh-how-it-pains-me-to-vote-for-him stance has worked to perfection.
For more on the difficulty that Tea Party candidates face in general elections, see: Can Tea Party Candidates Win Elections In Less Conservative States?

UPDATE: Another Nevada journalist has ripped apart Angle's campaign. See: OUCH II: Another Scathing Review of Sharron Angle by Las Vegas Journalist.

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Hippi Chicki Niki said...

I was just coming to give you the link to this exact article on the "Can the Tea Party win" post. : / So I guess... um... never mind.

Though the title is a bit misleading. The text of the article doesn't really say that. After the beginning that you quoted, it really goes on to say things are up in the air and that Reid has done a god job so far.

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