Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Marco Rubio: Budget Deficit Hypocrite

US Senate candidate and Tea Party darling Marco Rubio (R-FL) opposes an extension of unemployment benefits. Rubio argues that Congress should make spending cuts before extending benefits to unemployed Americans.

Rubio, however, favors extending the Bush tax cuts that favor wealthier Americans, and he does not seek any spending cuts to justify their extension. Instead, Rubio argues that the tax cuts will pay for themselves. Most of the credible data on this issue, however, show that the tax cuts have actually enlarged the deficit and would continue to do so.

Last week, Rubio released a gimmicky statement detailing "23 Simple Ways To Create Jobs, Grow Our Economy And Help The Gulf Coast Recover." Of the 23 proposals Rubio offers, 13 involve tax cuts or reforms. None of them, however, involve any spending cuts. Rubio's position on government spending is blatantly hypocritical and would cause the deficit to grow even larger.

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