Friday, May 21, 2010

Uh Oh: Rand Paul Cancels Scheduled Appearance on Meet The Press

Beset with scathing criticism of his position on civil rights, Rand Paul has canceled a scheduled appearance on Meet the Press. Paul generated a lot of controversy this week by repeatedly saying he opposes federal law that prohibits discrimination by private companies. Rand has condemned the media for the stir that his own controversial comments have caused.


Aspasia said...

Of course he did! It couldn't possibly be his fault.

One of my Libertarian associates on Facebook agrees wholeheartedly with Paul and actually thinks that if that part of the CRA was repealed that discrimination wouldn't get worse and that race relations would actually get better. I'm about one more dumbass Libertarian social policy idea away from banning him.

I honestly don't understand their logic. I really, really don't.

Jersey McJones said...

We all know what it is with these Libertarian-Conservative-Relgious Right folks. It's the ol' Galbraith observation of these shmucks: the moral justification for selfishness.


Darren Lenard Hutchinson said...

Aspasia: People without a sense of history or the present make these arguments.

JMJ: Good point -- but here is sounds like the moral justification for callousness.

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