Friday, May 21, 2010

Rand Paul on BP Oil Spill: "Sometimes Accidents Happen"

Rand Paul is working hard to convince the country that he is not ready for primetime (or daytime, for that matter). Yesterday, the media feasted on Paul's admission that he disagreed with laws prohibiting private companies from engaging in racial discrimination. Today, Paul is tackling environmental issues, and the results are equally troubling.

Think Progress reports that during an interview with Good Morning America, Paul said that Obama's criticism of BP for its handling of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill was "un-American." He also contended that "maybe sometimes accidents just happen." Scientists, however, have criticized BP for not misrepresenting the size of the spill, which seems worthy of presidential condemnation as well.

Paul also analogized the oil spill to a recent coal mine tragedy in his home state of Kentucky that killed two workers. Paul said described this as just another "accident." The Dotiki mine, however, received numerous citations for falling debris from the Mine Safety and Health Administration. Although experts say that repeated citations indicate a significant problem, the government failed to characterize the violations as dangerous. Toughness, however, seems highly appropriate when corporate behavior threatens lives and the environment.


liberal dissent said...

Their typical callous regard for the environment is probably the main reason I will never, ever vote for a libertarian.

libhom said...

Rand Paul's comments were no accident. He has his hand out for big money contributions from Big Oil.

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