Sunday, April 25, 2010

Tim Tebow Is a Muslim Commie Socialist!

The sports media's meltdown in response to former Florida quarterback Tim Tebow going to Denver in the first round of the NFL draft is getting creepy. In fact, some journalists are becoming so unhinged that they are beginning to remind me of the lunatic Tea Party members who claim President Obama is a Muslim commie socialist.

The commentary regarding Tebow is bothersome for many reasons. First, it strikes me as highly unprofessional that many journalists are merely reporting their own shock -- as if this alone constitutes a legitimate story line.

Tebow was the starting quarterback during a national championship season, the backup quarterback for another national championship season, and he was one game shy of playing as the starter for a second national championship. He also won the Heisman Trophy and shattered virtually every offensive passing record in the Southeastern Conference.

These statistics do not guarantee that Tebow will succeed in the NFL, but they make the "shock" rhetoric sound petty and offensive. There are many reasons to justify picking Tebow in the first round. The fact that individual journalists thought it might not happen does not alter this reality -- nor does it make their utter shock newsworthy.

Second, much of the criticism holds Tebow to a much higher standard than other players. One of the most perplexing arguments I have heard states that Tebow must improve in order to succeed in the NFL. That argument, however, applies to every player drafted. It also applies to workers in every profession. I have never seen a great NFL player succeed without experiencing any growth beyond college. I would never tell my law students to rest on their laurels.  Tellingly, the journalists who float this line do not provide the names of any player whose performance stagnated after college, but who, nonetheless, was a superstar professional athlete. Such a player does not exist.

Furthermore, regardless of their stellar college performance, most quarterbacks do not lead NFL teams in their first year. Instead, they spend their early years learning to read professional defenses and adjusting to the obstacles that professional quarterbacks encounter. 

Despite the fact that all great college players -- especially quarterbacks -- must grow in order to succeed in the NFL, the anti-Tebow commentators single him out for this observation. There is no justification for this disparate treatment.

Finally, many of the journalists are as ill-mannered as the rowdiest Tea Party protesters. A Denver radio show host, for example, recently asked Tebow whether he was going to force his religion on other players. Another one said I expect you to fail.  Tebow, showing great poise, said I will work to prove you wrong.

Final Take
Tebow is a really young guy who is apparently driven to succeed. I applaud all young individuals who are trying to succeed when many others are not. To all of the naysayers: Give the guy a break! Let him learn. Allow him to grow. Give him a chance to work. Wish him well. Then, let's see what happens on the field. If he fails, you can say, "I told you so." But right now, your analysis comes across as if you want him to perform badly. You might as well dismiss him as a Muslim commie socialist.

UPDATE: I guess I was not far off the mark. Check out this just published story: Boston radio host says Tebow draft party like ‘lily-white’ ‘Nazi rally’.


Matt P. said...

Another enlightening post involving a slander of the tea party. Good work.

Sean said...

Professor Hutchinson: Great post, but you are leaving out why they are attacking him in this way. That is the important point to be made here.

Darren Lenard Hutchinson said...

You're welcome, Matt -- although I suspect Tea Party folks would think YOU are engaging in slander. They take their Muslim commie socialist (and birther) views quite seriously!

Darren Lenard Hutchinson said...

Sean: Why do you suspect they are attacking him? Religion, "nice guy"? I suppose there are many reasons. Regardless, it is unprofessional and idiotic.

Matt P. said...

Oh the irony Darren. Isn't it people like you and the MSM that accuse the Tea Party of things like excess violence and racism with no or little proof. Why yes it is. Pot meet kettle. In the meantime here is another example of Tea Party violence. Oh I am sorry it is protesters against the AZ law that was just signed.

Darren Lenard Hutchinson said...

I never accused the Tea Party of excess violence. I think violent protest is excessive on its own. As for racism, there is ample proof of racism at Tea Party protests. This does not make the Tea Party a racist movement -- but I never said it was. If its members are racist, however, I believe they should embrace this fact. Boldness and dishonesty do not mix.

Do you dispute that a significant number of Tea Party folks believe Obama is a Muslim socialist? If not, then your protest is as petty as the Tebow hatred.

FLRN said...

Okay....Back to Tebow now setting aside the MCS commentary.
I agree give the guy a break! For the last four years T. Tebow has worked hard, studied hard and volunteered across nations. He believes in his faith and has faith in himself. I find it almost laughable how much ire and ill-will are tossed his way by the sports media. Whatever happened to giving a guy a chance? Why is it suddenly a shame to pursue his NFL dream? He has never pretended to be anything other than he what he is - a young person going after his dream of playing in the NFL. Why is it wrong to get picked up for the draft? As for shock and outrage that he intends to have a career in the NFL, well duh - Is it is slow news day or what? Get over it and find a real story! As for the sports media - Darren I'll say it "I TOLD YOU SO": didn't we discuss their assessment skills during the coverage of the Olympics? Why are you surprised?

Matt P. said...

Sure Darren there is ample evidence and you just never provide any. We went through this once already. Do you wish to defend the Congressmen that allegedly heard racist slurs. Even with substantial rewards there has been no proof offered other than their own allegations.

In fact they have all shut up on this topic because they know they are on the losing end. Cleaver is an embarrassment.

I'm not aware of whether they think he is a Muslim. It wasn't asked in the NYT poll which I assume is the least favorable toward them. The socialism question was asked in a much different way than you allege. It is asked if they think his policies are moving the country more toward socialism.

"When supporters of the Tea Party are asked to volunteer what they like least about the President, the top answer is they just don’t like him, mentioned by 19%. This is followed by 11% who say he is turning the U.S. more toward socialism, his health care reforms (10%), and that he is dishonest (9%).";contentBody

Your defense is poor and your linking of the MSM treatment of Tebow (your opinion on their treatment I agree with by the way) with the Tea Party is cheap.

Peter H said...

Completely disagree with this post. The issue with Tebow is not his religious & political beliefs (the idiotic comments of the Boston talk show host notwithstanding), but whether given the questions about his arm strength, accuracy, and decision-making/pass-reading abilities, plus the fact that he's learning a new throwing motion, the Broncos were wise to take Tebow in the first round (not to mention to trading their 2nd, 3rd and 4th-round draft picks to do so). It's true Tebow has tremendous college success, but that was based on using his tremendous running abilities to set up the pass. In the NFL, where defenses are much quicker, that won't work.

The point is not that Tebow is guarunteed to be a failure - he may very well make the adaptations necessary to succeeding in the NFL. I think he would have been a interesting gamble as a QB project for a team as a mid-round pick. But as a first-round pick? It doesn't make sense to me. But, then again, I'm not a Florida fan.

Peter H said...

For a scout's evaluation of Tebow, read here:

Kelli said...

This is a very sad situation. Tim loved playing football back in high school. And back then he wasnt a quarterback. My friends son,Blaize, knows Tim cause their teams played each other back then.Well as time goes My friends son Blaize become a fire man & Tim carried on to college & still played a sport he loved to play,football, only they moved him to quarterback & Tims a great quarter back only with college foot ball its all televised so unfortunately with out any if Tims control he was put in one of two categories "like" or "dislike". In the "like" category you got supporters thats threw wins or lost their still there as your fan,friend etc.. Or the dislike category thats where for no reason people only have bad thing to say to you & about you.I also feel alot of "jealousy" comes in there too. And it only gets worse as hes drafted to the N.F.L. When it comes to Tims "religious & political beliefs" tims football skills are a totally different situation & have nothing to do with that.Many of us do feel Tim is "BLESSED" with his foot ball skills but thats to each his own.And I do feel very bad posting this but alot of word is going around that theres really not the N.F.L. any more. Well this goes also with N.B.A.,N.H.L.& Baseball. But the word is now you get paid to win & you get paid to lose. Before the game even starts the winners have already been decided. That is against Tims religious beliefs so that might be where it would interfere but thats very understandable. But over looking that cause thats all he said she said... Though out the past in the N.F.L. how many quarter back have there been thats played so well through college but there "FIRST" year in N.F.L. they were starter quarter backs? Its just so sad how a normal man thats trying to achieve at a profession is getting as beaten down as people are trying to do to Tim Tebow.

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