Friday, April 2, 2010

Oops: Army Secretary Will NOT Ignore Don't Ask Don't Tell

Recently, media outlets reported Army Secretary John McHugh's statement that he would not enforce Don't Ask Don't Tell when servicemembers reveal their sexual orientation to him. Now, McHugh has retracted that statement.

McHugh has interviewed servicemembers to get a sense of their views about the policy.  During the course of those interviews, some of the individuals have come out as gay or lesbian. Although the Defense Department has stated that it will no longer apply the policy to people who are outed by third parties, this rule does not cover individuals who come out on their own. Accordingly, McHugh's statement was more liberal than current practice.

Nevertheless, military officials insist that they wants to hear what gays and lesbians think about the policy. Accordingly, the Defense Department might hire a private contractor to interview gay and lesbian servicemembers. I am glad to see our tax dollars working efficiently.

McHugh will not recommend discharge of the individuals who have already come out to him. He says he cannot remember who they are. 

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