Thursday, April 15, 2010

Nearly 2/3 of Tea Party Supporters Turn to Fox for Political News

A New York Times/CBS News poll indicates that Tea Party supporters are wealthier and more educated than the general public. Despite their higher educational attainment, Tea Party members turn to very limited and even questionable sources for information regarding politics. According to the poll, 63% of Tea Party supporters receive the majority of their political news from the Fox News Channel; only 23% of Americans turn to Fox for news. Furthermore, 47% of Tea Party supporters say that television is their main source for Tea Party information.

That Fox is the primary source of political news for Tea Party supporters probably explains some of their outlandish beliefs, which Fox would not strongly challenge or refute. 

64% believe that Obama has increased taxes -- when the opposite is true.

56% of them believe that Obama's policies favor the poor -- an opinion that is difficult to reconcile with the group's animosity towards corporate and Wall Street bailouts.

92% believe that Obama is leading the country towards socialism -- despite him favoring and implementing Bush's bank bailout.

30% believe that Obama was born in a foreign country; perhaps they think Hawaii is not part of the US.

57% have a favorable view of former president George W. Bush -- although he proposed the financial bailout (which they claim to hate), substantially increased the deficit and squandered a budget surplus.

2 comments: said...

ohhh thats amazinggg

Hippi Chicki Niki said...

Actually there were some studies done that (sadly) showed that a large amount of the population of certain states did not think that Hawaii was a state. Yet again, I find that part of me wants to be my witty and condescending self and part of me wants to just give them a hug and cry for them.

When that appeals court in Florida decided 7 years ago that Fox News did not legally have to follow FCC regulations since they weren't codified law, they did many Americans a huge disservice. Our system of government is based on the assumption that citizens can and will make decisions at the polls in reaction to truthful an accurate information about the facts of the world and reporting on what our representatives are up to. Sadly, the court that day worked against the healthy functioning of our democracy by allowing people to go on the airwaves and lie, mislead and distort, yet call themselves fair and balanced. Jon Stewart has practically made his career on pointing out the foibles of Fox News. They are just so ridiculously transparent to anyone that allows themselves more than just Fox News and affiliates as a source of information (If Rupert Murdoch owns it, it's an affiliate). It's a wonder that those in the tea party crowd that claim they are independents and rail against W, go to Roger Ailes for their facts of the world. Even more humorous is the we-love-the-American-way-and-all-foreign-things-are-bad crowd get their news from an Aussie that is responsible for transforming our news from the traditional American model to a more UK style of news.

All of those guys (and gals) could really do with a healthy does of Stewart and Colbert. Unfortunately, many of them are likely to dismiss Stewart as biased and misleading and be totally unaware of the satire on Colbert.

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