Friday, April 2, 2010

How Can Grey's Anatomy Get Some Shine Again: Bring Back Preston Burke

Grey's Anatomy is fading. With two of the original interns (George and Izzy) now gone, and one of the best "adult" doctors (Addison) having left a long time ago, the show is losing its steam. 

At its best, Grey's was cutting edge and brave. The writers had chutzpah and pushed daring story lines in order to keep intrigue alive. If Shonda Rhimes brought back Isaiah Washington as Dr. Preston Burke, numerous possibilities for explosive drama would emerge. A love triangle could develop between Preston, Cristina and Owen; a power struggle could develop between Derrick, Preston, and Richard. Also, the show could only improve with the return of a highly talented actor, whom many fans still adore.

Washington was wrong to cause strife on the job with his homophobia. But, he has paid his dues.  The exile can now end.

Besides, ABC-Radio has picked up the Don Imus show, after Imus made bigoted racial and gender comments on-air and lost his job at CBS. ABC airs Grey's Anatomy and forced Rimes to get rid of Washington. Charlie Sheen is pushing CBS for more than $1 million an episode, despite having assaulted his wife and pressing a knife against her neck. Keeping Washington off the air smacks of disparate treatment.

Furthermore, I think it is unseemly to punish artists (and athletes) due to politics alone. I thought the boycott of the Moscow Olympics was ridiculous. I thought that Al Shaprton needed to lay off Imus. I thought that Clear Channel's ban of the Dixie Chicks was sickening. Likewise, keeping Washington off the air is disappointing, and it deprives television viewers of a rare commodity: actual talent.

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