Saturday, April 24, 2010

Fear of the Unknown: People Are Still Confused About Healthcare Reform

A Kaiser Family Foundation tracking poll shows that Americans are widely confused about healthcare reform. 55 percent of respondents said that they were confused about the law.  56 percent of respondents said that they did not know how the law would affect them personally.

The poll also confirms results from previous surveys. Although only 46% of respondents said they support the legislation (compared with 40% who oppose it), when informed about specific portions of the legislation, large majorities supported the measures.

My Take
The fact that people like the healthcare legislation once they learn of its content speaks volumes about the reform process. First, the Obama administration has done a poor job marketing the reform.  Second, the media have done a terrible job educating the public about the substance of the legislation (as opposed to the political theatre surrounding it). Finally, opponents of the reform had done a great job distorting its content and fomenting fear among the public. Neither group should be proud of its work.
See: Kaiser Health Tracking Poll -- April 2010

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Josh Dowlut said...

It appears as if new info is still forthcoming. I'm sure you've heard of the actuarial report that HHS supposedly sat on for political reasons. Multiple R-wing bloggers have said it revealed reform to be a financial boondoggle, says it confirms reform will be a success, I dug up some middle of the road analysis from Kaiser Health News:

Covers 34 million more people, but also increases costs 1% over 10 years vs what they'd be absent reform, and Medicare cuts could hurt hospitals and those on Medicare Advantage.

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