Saturday, March 6, 2010

WaPo's Dana Milbank Thinks Rove's Memoir is Fictional Too

Apparently, Dana Milbank thinks that Karl Rove's memoir is fictional. I already had that reaction, based on press accounts of the book.


Kansas City said...

Milbank is a biased lefty, but it was surprising to me the superficial level of his criticism. He is a guy who covered the Bush WH for 8 years and yet he finds virtually nothing in terms of a specific untrue account in the book It is more a matter of Milbank disagreeing with Rove's opinions and views.

One specific criticism by Milbank is silly. He criticizes Rove for covering the Clinton administration trashing of the White House as they left, then cites a GAO report that actually confirms the vandalism occurred.

Darren's prior post was worse. He called the book "fiction" without even reading it.

Darren Lenard Hutchinson said...

KC: A wise man once typed: "Never become so rigid that you parse and refuse to accept sarcasm."

Kansas City said...

Sacrcasm seldom reflects well on the author.

If one is interested in a more accurate first reaction to Rove's book, you should check out the political blog at the New York Times (of all places), which quotes how he describes various politicians and includes some favorable things about democrats. This brings to mind my previous observation that Rove on TV comes across as a serious and honest guy, not the hideous person that Darren and other liberals allege him to be.

Kansas City said...

Another fair book review at the Washington Post that makes no suggestion of dishonesty by Rove.

The difference between non-biased and fair reviews, such as the NYT blog and WPOST review, and liberals such as Milbank and Darren, is that they see policy/political disagreements as a difference of opinion, while the liberals see them as dishonesty [largely, I think, because liberals cannot accept that anyone but them is correct on policy].

Darren Lenard Hutchinson said...

KC: Your take on sarcasm sounds like something from an even more regimented Miss Manners.

Also, I have NEVER seen you defend a liberal policy or criticize conservative ideology. You can only aspire to have the qualities you demand in others.

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