Saturday, March 20, 2010

South Dakota Police Chief Says Cops Followed Rules By Outing Lesbian

Chief Steve Allender of the Rapid City, South Dakota police department says that his officers followed protocol when they outed Jene Newsome to Air Force authorities.  This decision subsequently led to her discharge.

My Take
I highly doubt that "protocol" requires officers to  peak through a kitchen window, read documents on a table, and report the existence of a lesbian marriage to military authorities.  Despite the suspicious facts of the case, Allender refuses to say that the officers acted with ill will. He says that it is difficult to know what motivates others. That is true, but homophobia is a pervasive social fact. The officers knew exactly what would happen if they reported the marriage. They likely did so to create those results. Allender should not try to deny the obviously spiteful and petty behavior of his staff. Instead, he should work to root out all forms of pernicious bias from the police department.

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