Monday, March 1, 2010

Shockingly, Tim Tebow Is Impressive

As a Gator sports fan and as a thinking person, I am absolutely annoyed by all of the scrutiny surrounding Tim Tebow's prospects in the NFL. Many critical commentators say that he will need to improve his game in order to excel in professional football. But I was under the impression that anyone who wanted a prestigious career beyond the age of 22 would have to improve his or her game -- but what do I know (having only gone from grade school to tenured law professor).

Tebow just completed an impressive athletic display at the NFL scouting combine in Indianapolis, Indiana. His athleticism ranks well among quarterbacks, and he even tied a record in the vertical jump. Here are the details (courtesy of the Gainesville Sun):
Tebow ran an impressive 4.72, the fourth fastest time among the quarterbacks at the Combine. His 38.5-inch vertical jump tied the all-time Combine record for quarterbacks and was a half-inch better than Michael Vick's in 2000. And his 9'7” broad jump was the second best for the quarterbacks on Sunday.

Tebow did not bench press or throw but will in Gainesville on March 17.
Shockingly, Tebow has done well so far (yes -- sarcasm).


FLRN said...

Now Darren - Didn't we just talk about sports writers? Your commentary just validates my point! Tebow is a skilled athlete who is consistently self-motivated and driven to constantly improve himself as does any strong leader. So don't waste time waiting for depth and breadth from the sports writers (insert subjective and opinionated here) to make the connections between talent, skill, and a future in the NFL. Sometimes as writers they are not in a position to judge. Tebow proved himself on a national stage while at the Gator Nation and he is impressive despite the naysayers.

As for sports writer scrutiny See here: Yahoo Sports Writer Says Figure Skating Is Not a Sport

Go Gators!

Darren Lenard Hutchinson said...

Spoken like a true GatorRN!

And, OUCH @ writers not being in a position to judge! I do write for a

James H said...

Tebow in NFL will = Massive Fail!!

Hopefully though his presence on what ever NFL team will allow us to focus on the importance of the Practice team in which he will no dounbt give it his all. The Little people are important too.

Darren Lenard Hutchinson said...

JamesH: Come back later and let's talk. If you are right -- then gloat as much as you like!

Kelli said...

WOW very well written Darren.And please correct me if I'm wrong but announcers & writers are saying how Tim cant throw & if I'm not mistaking wasnt Tims name put in the books back in college,GATORS,on the longest complete passes? And to complete a "pass" dont you have to throw the ball, its not a hand off. But any ways thank you so very much. Kelli

Darren Lenard Hutchinson said...

You're absolutely right. People have apparently always underestimated him.

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