Monday, March 29, 2010

RNC Gives Donor $2,000 For "Meals" At Lesbian S&M Club

The Washington Post dropped a bombshell today after combing through the RNC's Federal Elections Commission filing.  Apparently, the RNC reimbursed a donor in the sum of $1,946.25 for "meals" at Voyeur West Hollywood.  Voyeur is a lesbian-bondage themed nightclub. 

The article also details lavish spending at posh hotels and the expensive use of a private jet. The article will undoubtedly result in greater scrutiny of RNC Chair Michael Steele. Steele has demanded that the donor return the funds.

The donor who received the reimbursement is Erik Brown. Brown lives in Orange, California. Brown has donated $10,000 to Republican candidates. No More Mister Nice Blog quotes a web-based bio for Brown, which has since been stripped of its content, as follows:
Erik is married to Alison Brown, a graduate of Chapman University and an MBA student at UCI’s Merage School of business.... A former director of the Sunday school, Alison and Erik reside in Las Flores, California and are actively involved in the ministries of their local church.

UPDATE: No More Mister Nice Blog has a screen capture of Brown's pre-scrubbed bio.

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