Thursday, March 11, 2010

Proposed NY Law Would Ban Salt in Restaurant Food Preparation

Now, I have heard everything. The New York legislature is considering a bill (see text) that would ban the use of salt in restaurant food preparation. Felix Ortiz (D-Brooklyn), who introduced the bill, says that it is necessary to protect the health of people who dine in the state: "In this way, consumers have more control over the amount of sodium they intake, and are given the option to exercise healthier diets and healthier lifestyles. . . ."

The restaurant industry is boiling over the proposed measure. Angry chefs contend that the measure would chill their craft:
"Chefs would be handcuffed in their food preparation, and many are already in open rebellion over this legislation," said Orit Sklar, of My Food My Choice [a coalition of chefs, restaurant owners and consumers]. "Ortiz and fellow anti-salt zealot Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City seek to undermine the food and restaurant business in the entire state."
My Personal Take
As an avid cook, I cannot help but side with the chefs. Salt improves the taste of food, and it also helps keep it moist (e.g., in the "brining" process). People in New York should exercise moderation in their food choices -- rather than having the law dictate the creative expression of chefs.


joe said...

Would this mean restaurants that serve cocktails would change their Margarita recipe? Will KFC need to reassess their secret spices. The sponsor(s) of this bill want nothing more than to make a name for themselves. Salt has been around for as long as oceans have. It's uses goes back centuries. The passing of the trans fat ban was just the first foot in the door for our nanny politicians. What next after this? What happened to a person's right to decide what they will, or will not consume? The best thing about New York State... is leaving it!

liberal dissent said...

I'm not sure I would classify it as "the legislature is considering it" but rather a single assemblyman has introduced the bill. I can't see it getting any support.

Darren Lenard Hutchinson said...

LD: I accept your qualification.

FLRN said...

Okay Darren - This is ridiculous, banning salt from meal preparation would be like banning color from art. Moderation is the job of the consumer, not the creator. LD is right - the Maragrita implications alone are enough to cause an uproar. Can't they find a real issue?

I think we should take this proposal and the idea with...well... a grain of salt.

Aspasia said...

Agreed with the above. The nanny state/sissifying of the public space work in conjunction. The people who support such nonsense are the same who want to ban fragrance and scent because some people are sensitive to it (or more likely just don't like it personally). Yes, I've smelled some scents, lovely and not so lovely, that were overpowering and I could've gone without. But honestly, life smells. Get over it.

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