Friday, March 19, 2010

Perpetual Critic Sarah Palin Takes on Palestinian-Israeli Conflict

Sarah Palin believes the Obama Administration was simply wrong to criticize Israel's plans for building new settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. The Obama Administration's criticism of Israel has sent Palin (and other right wingers) into a rage.

Now that the decorated General Petraeus, however, has emerged as the source of the Obama Administration's criticism, Media Matters wonders how conservatives (who claim to admire Petraeus) will react.  I suspect that Palin believes her "common sense" (which is simply an excuse for not reading) beats years of experience as a commander in the region. According to conservative pollster Rassmussen, however, people support Obama on this issue.


Matt P. said...

Why did Vice-President Joe Biden get angry when Israel embarrassed him by announcing new construction in Jerusalem’s Ramat Shlomo neighborhood?

Because it’s usually Biden’s job to embarrass himself.

Matt P. said...

Here is how the House has reacted Darren. Bipartisanship!! That stupid Sarah Palin. If only she had the foreign policy expertise of Joe Biden.

Meanwhile, in Washington, 337 congressmen – three-quarters of the House of Representatives – signed a bipartisan letter to US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton expressing solid support for Israel and the expectation that differences between Jerusalem and Washington will be smoothed over quickly and in private.

“We are writing to reaffirm our commitment to the unbreakable bond that exists between our country and the State of Israel and to express to you our deep concern over recent tension,” the letter read. “A strong Israel is an asset to the national security of the United States and brings stability to the Middle East.

“We are concerned that the highly publicized tensions in the relationship will not advance the interests the US and Israel share. Above all, we must remain focused on the threat posed by the Iranian nuclear weapons program to Middle East peace and stability.”

The letter stated that the US’s unswerving commitment to Israel’s security has been essential in forging previous Israeli-Arab peace agreements, “both because it convinced those who sought Israel’s destruction to abandon any such hope and because it gave successive Israeli governments the confidence to take calculated risks for peace.”

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