Monday, March 8, 2010

The Latest Installment of Rahmology

The New York Times delivers the latest installment of Rahmology -- devoting 8 web pages to analyzing the White House Chief of Staff. The article, written by Peter Baker, is a "preview" to an article in the forthcoming New York Times Magazine.

The article does not tell readers much that differs from other installments in the Rahmology genre. Instead, it simply provides more background details about Emanuel in an effort to explore what makes him tick. You can read the full article here: Magazine Preview - The Limits of Rahmism

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Anonymous said...

Dear god... Is there no end to this Rahmboism?

Aspasia said...

When do we get to the part where Crystal and Alexis have their catfight in the pool for the love of Blake?

Wait, you mean I'm not watching Dynasty?

Anonymous said...

Aspasia, it may look like Dynasty, but it's Survivor: The White House Edition.

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