Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Has the Tea Party Movement Shifted From Passionate Protests to Terrorism?

The Tea Party has always engaged in passionate activism.  A recent spate of incidents, however, suggests that some members of the movement have shifted from passionate protest to acts of terrorism.

Last week, members of Congress reported that Tea Party members hurled racist and homophobic epithets towards them. Another congressman said that he was spat upon while walking past a crowd of Tea Party protesters.

Today, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said that at least 10 House Democrats have reported receiving threats or being victims of harassment due to their votes in favor of healthcare reform. Democrats have urged Republicans to condemn this behavior.

And a most disturbing act also occurred today in Virginia. Someone slashed a propane gas line at the home of Representative Tom Perriello's brother. Earlier that day, Perriello's brother also received a threatening letter. According to several media reports, two Tea Party members posted the address to the home online -- mistakenly believing that Perriello lived at the location. Local authorities and the FBI are investigating the incident.

Terrorists use violence, physical intimidation and threats to accomplish political goals. Tea Party members who use the same tactics are indisputably terrorists.


Daniel said...

So can I assume that you will also be branding PETA, Greenpeace and their ilk as terrorist organizations as well, based on this standard? They (or their radical members) have all used activities similiar to those described above to carry out their aims as well...

GC5 said...

Have to agree with the spirit of Daniel's comment. The difference being that there is no formal organization supporting any such tactics with respect to the tea party. Yelling at your representatives is perfectly permissible (albeit rude) behavior.

The mass coverage of all of this just reeks of an intentional campaign to smear the tea party movement. The fact that the majority of tea partiers are middle-class women seems to have escaped notice somehow.

This game of smearing the political opposition with the worst behavior of the other side's reporters is tired and ridiculous.

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