Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Great Reason to Pass Healthcare Reform: Rush Limbaugh Promises to Leave the USA If Bill Successful

Congressional Democrats have a new sense of urgency behind the pending healthcare reform legislation. Rush Limbaugh has promised to leave the United States if the bill passes.

In the interest of the country, I urge Congress to pass the bill immediately!


Anonymous said...

I've posted about it today. Let's pass the damn reform STAT!

But did you hear where Rushbo wants to move? To Costa Rica. Nothing wrong with that, except that... CR has nationalized universal health care. That's right.

Rushbo, you sly fox, you.

Darren Lenard Hutchinson said...

LOL!!! I saw a headline from another blog: "Costa Rican Legislature Calls Emergency Session to Ban Rush Limbaugh."

Aspasia said...

If it wasn't the home of different religions than Christianity, Rush would be very comfortable in a place like Iran, Saudi Arabia or among the Taliban warlords in Afghanistan.

But ah, yes, nationalized health care in Costa Rica. So, good enough for the citizens in one of the wealthiest Latin American nations, but not for AMURRRRRIKANS (!!!) who are divinely-ordained to be better than the entire world, especially countries with non-whites.

Rush, who bothered to spawn you and WHY?

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