Sunday, March 21, 2010

Conversative Blog Claims Video Debunks Stories of Bigotry Among Tea Party Movement

As passionate as the Tea Party folks are about politics, I think they should just embrace whatever biases move them. Their defenders, however, are trying to debunk stories, confirmed by multiple sources, of several racist and homophobic incidents involving Tea Party protesters who converged upon Washington, DC last week.

The Dana Show blog has posted 23 seconds of video that purportedly prove that no Tea Party participant hurled any epithets towards members of Congress. The video proves no such thing.

First, the footage is too short to capture everything that occurred during last week's protests. Also, and most importantly, because there were so many people chanting during this particular clip, audio could only capture clearly what the broader group was chanting (sounds like "kill the bill"). This does not disprove the reports that individuals in this boisterous group made racist and homophobic comments. Instead, it shows that with respect to one person's video recording, the louder shouting drowned out individual commentary. Individuals on the ground almost certainly heard more than the video captured.

I have not seen many conservatives agree that this audio disproves the allegations of bias. Perhaps they are not persuaded either.

Finally, The Dana Show went on and on about how persons making these allegations intend to discredit arguments against healthcare reform and the Tea Party movement generally. I disagree. People can have legitimate arguments on some issues while subscribing to racism and homophobia. Racism and homophobia, however, are deplorable and worthy of our attention -- just as much as government spending. The Tea Party movement is not exempt from scrutiny or criticism.

Here is the video footage:


Matt P. said...

Darren I absolutely agree that posting a 20+ second video proves nothing UNLESS it captures the area where Lewis crossed the protectors. If he walked the gauntlet for 5 minutes more than the video is certainly worthless.

However, the burden of proof would be on Lewis not the other way around wouldn't it. Just because Lewis said someone yelled the N-word at him doesn't make it so.

Darren Lenard Hutchinson said...

Others besides Lewis made the allegation. At least one journalist, staffers and another member of Congress confired the allegations with respect to Lewis, Frank, and Emanuel. There's your burden of proof.

Darren Lenard Hutchinson said...

PS: The GOP already accepted the allegations and condemned the conduct.

Matt P. said...

Darren I feel compelled to respond no that some time has passed. Your burden has not been met in my opinion. Breitbart offered a 10K donation to anyone who came forward with evidence of the N-word. The videos show Lewis' own group having their own video running during the walk. The Cleaver spitting think is a pathetic joke that he and the media should be embarrassed by The whole thing is on tape. Here is the video. Good stuff starts around 1:50. Seriously, it is like a Seinfeld episode.

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