Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Anti-Gay California Senator Comes Out of the Closet

California State Senator Roy Ashburn (Republican) recently came out of the closet. Ashburn, however, has a long history of voting against LGBT rights initiatives.

Ashburn disclosed his sexual orientation following a recent DUI arrest. Prior to his arrest, Ashburn was seen partying at a Sacramento gay bar.

Ashburn disclosed his sexuality on a radio show:
I am gay. . .Those are the words that have been so difficult for me for so long. But I am gay. But it is something that is personal and . . . I felt with my heart that being gay didn't affect -- wouldn't affect -- how I did my job.

Through my own actions . . . I made my personal life public.
Perhaps Ashburn's drinking problem relates to his effort to lie about his sexuality. If so, coming out, as an abundance of psychological literature reveals, might improve his mental health.


LETICIA said...

Another self hating gay politician, what a shock. There was a documentary called Outrage on not too long ago that showed that this is a common occurrence, especially among conservative, evangelical politicians.

Darren Lenard Hutchinson said...

Yes there are psychological studies that show some correlation between "latent homosexuality" and antigay venom.

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