Wednesday, February 24, 2010

South Carolina Tea Party Leader Backs Illegal Proposal to Ban US Currency

Recently, Dissenting Justice analyzed a proposed law in South Carolina that would ban the use of federal currency in the state. The proposal would violate blatant provisions of the Constitution and federal statutory law. Nevertheless, Michael Pitts, the Republican lawmaker who introduced the measure, wants to protest what he views as excessive spending by the government and to prepare for a collapse of the national monetary system.

Although Pitts' measure is not formally connected to the Tea Party movement, a local representative of the protest organization says that he likes the idea. According to an AOL News report, Ron Parks, a South Carolina Tea Party organizer, "Pitts' bill is something the movement could get behind. . . because it's in 'agreement with what we stand for, in that it would stabilize a monetary system in South Carolina.'"

Ironically, the Tea Party movement frequently complains that federal policies violate the Constitution. Nevertheless, a Tea Party organizer says that group could "get behind" a blatantly unconstitutional state law.

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