Monday, February 15, 2010

Senator Evan Bayh Retiring. What About Barbara Mikulski?

Senator Evan Bayh, who represents Indiana, announced today that he will not seek another term of office. Bayh's retirement should create a competitive opening for a Republican, because Indiana is traditionally a "red state."

Barbara Mikulski
A conservative blog reports that Senator Barbara Mikulski (another Democrat) will soon announce her retirement. Mikulski represents Maryland, which is fairly safe for Democrats in statewide elections. No major news source has confirmed this rumor.


Alessandro Machi said...

I believe this is payback for what Barack Obama did to Hillary Clinton in Michigan in 2007 regarding taking his name off the ballot less than a day before the deadline. The parallels are just too coincidental.

Evan Bayh pulls a Barack Obama and removes his name from the ballot less than one day before the deadline, just like Barack Obama did in Michigan during the 2008 democratic primaries.

Michelle said...

Well, if the rumors do prove true then I am excited for our candidate Eric Wargotz, MD. He is a physician and county commissioner in MD. A fiscal/social conservative with a pragmatic approach to problem solving. He understands that he works for us. He gets the "we the people". Constitutionally based and principled. Makes good on his word. He is the frontrunner and should prevail if she retires.

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