Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Polite Jeb Bush Calls Sarah Palin An Idiot

When Jeb Bush calls you an intellectual lightweight, you know there is a problem. But that is what he said about Sarah Palin (h/t TPM).

Here's the video. The Palin discussion begins at 18:38.

PS: Hearing Bush criticize President Obama on government spending (given his brother's awful expansion of government) is comical.


Angela said...

I've always been curious about why they chose the dumb brother to run for president rather than this one. Was it Jeb's wife's issues?

FLRN said...

Darren - Partisanship aside he was a strong and reliable force as the Governor for Florida. His quick and decisive actions during times of crisis - the evacuation of Flagler county in response to the wildfires, his forward thinking and successful management during the Hurricanes - Charley, Ivan, Frances Jeanne and all the others...As we have discussed before, Florida's Emergency Management Act is a great model for other less organized coastal states (LA, MISS, AL GA,NC,SC,VA) and Jeb Bush was a solid leader for the State - he was the real deal and he loves his parents - what's not to like?

Darren Lenard Hutchinson said...

Well, GatorRN (he he), I guess that raises Angela's question -- why not Jeb (rather than Dubya) for President? Perhaps I am overly harsh on Jeb. It is true that he was a popular Florida governor, and Florida might be an, um, zany state, but to win the state twice, with bipartisan support means something.

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