Tuesday, February 9, 2010

NY Governor David Paterson Pushes Back Against Rumors

Blogs and mainstream media have been buzzing with a flurry of rumors regarding New York Governor David Paterson. Many of the rumors have centered on a supposed article regarding Paterson that the New York Times will allegedly publish. Several commentators have stated that the article will focus on allegations of infidelity.

Paterson is not going down without a fight. Last year, President Obama sought to embarrass Paterson by demanding that he step aside and not run in the 2012 gubernatorial election. But Paterson basically told Obama to step aside. At the time, the New York Times ran a set of White House talking points masquerading as an article that sought to justify the White House effort to push Paterson out of the New York governor's race. Now, the New York Times is apparently trying to isolate Paterson once again.

Paterson, however, offered tough words in response to the rumors during an interview with the Associated Press. Here is a clip from an article describing the interview:
[Paterson] said he hasn't been involved sexually with another woman since he and his wife separated more than a decade ago, an admission he made upon taking office 23 months ago. He also said he hasn't used drugs since his early 20s.

Paterson said the rumors have portrayed him as a fan of frequent partying, but he said that aside from fundraisers and official functions, he doesn't go out much - and noted that he has eaten away from home or outside the executive mansion in Albany only five times in his tenure.

"For the last couple of weeks I have been the subject of what, even by Albany standards, has been a spate of outrageous rumors about me" . . . .

[Paterson] said the rumors had been stirred up by an as-yet unpublished New York Times investigation "that spawned a bunch of speculations that are so way out that it's shocking" . . . . He said he now fears that all reporters are "stretching the bounds of journalism" in a race to get anyone to confirm a vicious rumor about him.
Paterson sounds like a rare breed of Democrat who is willing to fight. Also, Obama's preferred candidates have not performed well in recent months. Paterson, by contrast, has chutzpah, and he has been quite liberal on important social issues like gay rights. If I were a New York voter, I would think twice before tossing Paterson aside.


RealityZone said...

I am not a big fan of the NY Times. But this is an interesting read.
Especially page 3

Darren Lenard Hutchinson said...

RZ: You're right. It is a good article. I have made some of those arguments too. The CBO predicted that Bush's tax cuts would cause the deficit to spike -- and this was before the 2 wars happened. And it is also true that cutting spending in a recession is a STUPID move. But Obama has done a terrible job marketing his economic agenda.

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