Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hey, Democrats: So "Experience" and Willingness to "Fight" Actually Matter in a President

During the Democratic primaries, I often felt that I was on Jupiter. My fellow Democrats rejected qualities in Hillary Clinton that are essential to a successful presidency.

When Clinton claimed she had more experience than Obama, Democrats either denied this reality or said that experience does not matter. They insisted that "ideas matter more" or that "Lincoln did not have experience either." Instead of experience, they preferred a "fresh face."

When Clinton said she was a fighter (explicitly embracing a "Rocky" theme), Democrats turned this into a bad thing, accusing Clinton of negative campaigning. Obama said that Clinton only knew how to fight, but that he would bring together the American people. Democrats wanted a "unifier" rather than a "fighter."

Well, I think it is time for people to evaluate their choices. From where I sit, I believe we could use a healthy dose of fighting and experience in the White House. What do you think?

On issues ranging from healthcare, anti-terrorism tactics, war, and crime, President Obama seems committed to making deals with moderates and conservatives, rather than fighting for the values of the Democratic Party. Or, is the failure to fight an official value of the Democratic Party?


Angela said...

I agree that Obama needs to be more or a fighter but totally disagree with your nostalgic musings about Clinton. She was a serious compromiser and centrist -- moreso than Obama. I believe their were sexists out there who portrayed her as a fighter because anytime a woman shows any leadership she's branded as hostile and aggressive, but I have no regrets about Clinton's failure to achieve the presidency.

Darren Lenard Hutchinson said...

I am not promoting Clinton -- but I am promoting the values upon which she campaigned but which many Democrats dismissed as secondary. I think they were foolish to dismiss these values, whether or not they voted for Clinton.

Joyce said...

I can't imagine voting for anyone without looking as carefully as possible at her or his experience, which will, of course, include their willingness / ability to "fight," along with multiple other "values." The dismissal of experience as significant -- which I think was largely because of the decided lack of same for candidate Obama -- served a short-term election goal. It's not done too well in the governing role.

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