Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The GOP's Utter Hypocrisy Regarding Stimulus Funds

Think Progress has a very revealing report on Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty's hypocrisy regarding the use of stimulus funds. During a December 2009 interview on Fox News, Pawlenty scoffed at the idea of states using stimulus money to close budget gaps. Pawlenty argued that the stimulus would simply "delay the inevitable for most states." He also said that stimulus funding would represent a "Band-Aid" approach to states' fiscal crises and that states needed to reduce their spending commitments rather than seek federal assistance.

Apparently, Pawlenty has quietly shifted his position. Yesterday, he submitted a proposal to balance Minnesota's budget. Although Pawlenty proposes deep cuts in government spending for needy persons, he also proposes tax cuts for business. Also, nearly 1/3 of the money to close the state budget deficit would come from stimulus funds.

Pawlenty Is Not Alone
Pawlenty is not alone in his stimulus hypocrisy. A Wall Street Journal article lists the names of many Republicans who voted against the stimulus but who lobbied to secure stimulus money for their constituents. In letters supporting their constituents, many of the Republicans stated that the stimulus money would help create jobs. Republicans, however, continue to deny that the stimulus has created jobs.


Matt P. said...

Come on Darren. It is not hypocritical in the real world to oppose legislation or to suggest a different type of legislation but to then take advantage of that legislation once you lose. If the money is being offered, only a fool wouldn't take it and he would be doing a disservice to his constituents.

Darren Lenard Hutchinson said...

Au contraire Matt. It is the height of hypocrisy to shut out the stimulus (0 GOP in House, 3 GOP in Senate), claiming that it is a waste, won't create jobs, etc., and then turn around and promote receipt of the funds for the purpose of job creation! Opposing the stimulus -- if it had value that they now want -- was a disservice.

Sorry, I just hate hypocrisy. I understand that this is a game that they all play, but it bugs me.

Matt P. said...

I appreciate your last sentence and agree. I just think your broad definition in this case is such a poor example. I happen to support stimulus, and I believe there were Republicans that did as well but preferred it in the form of a payroll tax holiday, etc. People like me didn't want to see a top down approach that was slow and ineffective. The facts side with us. Jesus man, hardly any of it has gotten out and the recession bottom just as it was being passed.

So now that the money is there and being offered, is it your position that no Rep should use it? Do you really think they were saying that if it passes by using it we are doomed? They were saying it wasn't the wisest way to go and will be a short term bandage that won't fix underlying issues.

To not use the money would just leave it others to use and would be a disservice to his constituents.

Nick Whitfield said...
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