Sunday, December 27, 2009

Just a Little Note: People Closer to Obama -- Not the Clintons -- Are Calling Liberals "Insane" and "Irrational"

Although President Obama chose a lot of people from the Clinton administration to fill his Cabinet and staff positions, these individuals have not paraded around calling liberals "insane" and "irrational." Before his election, many liberals incorrectly believed that Obama, not Clinton, was a liberal dream-come-true. But during the first epic battle of his presidency, some of his closest allies, including David Axelrod, Robert Gibbs, and Rahm Emanuel, have ridiculed liberals who oppose the pseudo-reform bill that passed in the Senate. Uncritical belief in a politician never pays off.


LETICIA said...

Apparently rationality is defined by the White House as just rolling over and accepting crappy legislation.

LETICIA said...

On an unrelated note, I noticed Media Matters was on your list of blogs that you read. In my opinion, they are part of the problem, only focusing on the dishonesty of one side(conservatives), while whitewashing or completely ignoring the dishonesty of the other(liberals). I suppose they serve their stated purpose well, but that kind of blind partisanship is part of what's sending this country down the toilet.

Darren Lenard Hutchinson said...

Hey, Leticia. Media Matters was awesome during the Sotomayor hearings, which is when I discovered them. I do not agree with everything they do -- or everything posted in any blog I read (sometimes I disagree with myself! lol).

msakel said...

You hit the nail on the head, once again, with your commentary, Prof. Hutchinson! You're a rarity in Journalism and one of few who can spell 'objectivity'....

I saw a post of Media Matters and shook my head in disbelief at their extreme partisanship! They insist that Palin suffered no sexism in the media, and that Hillary Clinton was the real object of journalistic misogyny.

I disagree with their "partisan sexism". Hillary was truly vilified and bashed by the media misogynists, who even accused her of "pimping" her own daughter! I hope and pray that no other woman running for high office is put through the same hurtful ringer that Hillary was allowed to go through! The woman should get a medal for martyrdom for the insulting, hurtful Hillary-bashing that was hugely responsible for her losing the nomination to Obama. But Palin was accused by Letterman (no longer our fave funny man) that she allowed her daughter to be raped at a ballgame, and even incest was alluded to by the Obama enthusiasts in relation to her daughter's pregnancy! Palin suffered, too, and you can't apply "partisan sexism" standards, as Media Matters tries to do!

Sexism, like racism, is not a "partisanship" issue, nor is it conducive to camouflage for long. Both can prosper and flourish in both political landscapes. It's our job to point out to them and weed them out as soon as observed, so that they're not allowed to pollute our democratic landscape! As for Obama, well, I still recall with alarm his 'flip-offing' Clinton (by pretending to scratch his cheek) the day after his disastrous loss in the ABC debate, and this comment in early campaigning days which I found particularly inappropriate:

"Periodically, she (Hillary) feels 'down' and starts launching attacks against me to boost her appeal...."

Sexism has a tendency to trickle down from the top, and 'sweetie' should have known better than to camouflage male resentment into such inexcusably boardroom-sexist lingo!

But this is the same man of Words and Hope and Rhetoric who inexplicably kept MUM for 4 months when he had a wonderful chance to COMMUNICATE his plan and Vision of "Healthcare Reform"--which has morphed into Insurance Reform thanks to the lobbyists...

And the man of Hope dropped the ball--only for it to be picked up during these 4 summer months of silence--by the grab-and-run Tea Baggers. Can anyone really blame them for misunderstanding or rejecting the vision that never was?

It was rhetoric, not action, that was in the tea leaves. Promises, Promises says the new song. But the only one kept was the one to increase warfare in Af-Pak. And so he can now boast of having created 3.5 million Af-Pak refugees since March! (With 1500 dead and hudnreds of kids lying crippled by drones needing prosthetics)....Heck, The Decider created 5.5 million refugees in Iraq, but it took Him 3 years!....Where's the hope, eh?

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