Monday, December 14, 2009

Hey, Democrats: Joe Lieberman Came With a Warning Label!

Only a few months ago, President Obama helped Joe Lieberman keep his Democratic Caucus leadership positions -- despite the fact that Lieberman spoke at the Republican National Convention and endorsed John McCain for president. Some Democrats were upset by the decision, but the majority accepted it.

Now, Lieberman has upset Democrats again, by vowing to vote against healthcare reform -- even in the watered-down compromise format that is currently pending in the Senate. Lieberman, however, came with a warning label.

Lieberman has embraced conservative positions in the past. Even though he advocated universal healthcare during the 2004 presidential campaign, employees of insurance companies have lined his pockets with campaign donations. Lieberman is not a faithful Democrat, and his decision to derail the most important legislation the Democrats have supported in decades proves this point. But at least he warned people ahead of time not to trust him.


Aspasia said...

Isn't he a registered Independent now anyway? So why are Democrats still hoping from support from Lieberman, who wasn't even a "good" Democrat when he was one?

Lynn E said...

Lieberman is an Independent, he shouldn't be expected to merely vote with the Democrats. The Democrats don't seem to be doing very well in Connecticut anyway. The health care program if passed seems very much like the Titanic and the claims seem to be the same - Unsinkable.

Darren Lenard Hutchinson said...

Lieberman only ran as an Independent because he lost the Democratic primary. So saying he is an "Independent" provides an incomplete picture.

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