Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Better Late Than Never? TV's Meredith Baxter Finally Discovers She's a Lesbian

I have heard of "coming out" being a late process for some people, but tv's Meredith Baxter pushes that concept to the extreme. 62-year-old Baxter revealed her sexual orientation today, after several media outlets published photos of her and her partner Nancy Locke.

Baxter starred in the 1980s hit series Family Ties. In recent years, she has frequently starred in various television films.


liberal dissent said...

I don't know if I would consider 62 THAT extreme. And does it count as closeted if you've already come out to your family (and presumably) your friends?

Aspasia said...

@liberal dissent: Being Closeted and likewise Coming Out is a multi-layer. There's being personally closeted (friends, family, etc) yet being publicly out to an extent (socializing at LGBT venues). You can be out personally and be closeted publicly-professionally, ie. people at your job and anyone connected with that job don't know, yet you may still socialize at LGBT venues, which are public (where you could run into someone you know via work, which makes for an interesting encounter). You can be Closeted to most family, friends, colleagues, clients, customers, whatever but have a select trust few to whom you are Out. You can be Out to your colleagues, clients/customers, neighbors, friends but still be Closeted to your family.

And many variations therein. The degrees of being Closeted and Out depend on the person's comfort level and the environment in which they live.

So, yeah, liberal dissent, you can still be closeted even if you're out to family and friends.

sally said...

Regardlessly of age, it's never too late to come out. She has about twenty more years to live it "out" loud! Way to go.

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