Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Florida Marine Makes Bogus "Gay Panic" Defense to Excuse His Brutal Beating of a Greek Priest

Jason Bruce, a Marine reservist in Tampa, Florida, attacked an innocent Greek Orthodox priest with a tire iron. Bruce has initiated a shameful legal defense: the priest grabbed his crotch.

The actual story is quite different. Apparently, Father Alexios Marakis, who speaks little English, became lost after his car's GPS system led him astray. Marakis followed several cars into the parking garage of a condominium in order to seek instructions. He approached Bruce, who was retrieving items from the trunk of his car. Bruce responded by chasing Marakis and hitting him several times with a tire iron. Video footage shows a tire iron-wielding Bruce chasing Marakis. Marakis's GPS records confirm his assertion that he came to the area while trying to reach another destination.

Police arrested Bruce after he gave several inconsistent explanations. According to the St. Petersburg Times, Bruce said that:
The man tried to rob him.

The man grabbed Bruce's crotch and made an overt sexual advance in perfect English.

The man yelled "Allahu Akbar," Arabic for "God is great," the same words some witnesses said the Fort Hood shooting suspect uttered last week.

"That's what they tell you right before they blow you up," police say Bruce told them.
Bruce's allegation that Marakis grabbed his crotch is an example of the controversial "gay panic defense." The gay panic defense allows defendants to claim provocation as justification for violent acts they committed. The defense is not uniformly recognized, and it is widely criticized by legal scholars.

The gay panic defense is homophobic because it rests on the assumption that a gay sexual advance is so provocative and threatening that, with or without physical contact, it warrants a violent response. This is not the law regarding heterosexual sexual advances.

Furthermore, Bruce's conflicting explanations suggest that the defense is a complete fabrication. Nevertheless, his lawyer, Jeff Brown, is running with it. According to Brown the following series of events took place:
The bearded man wearing a robe and sandals was clearly trespassing in the garage. In a sudden move, the stranger made a verbal sexual advance and grabbed Bruce's genitals. The Marine defended himself. And immediately, he called 911 as he chased him.
Brown is actually trying to peddle a gay Islamic Arab rapist terrorist defense. Brown's argument is a gross example of shameful lawyering.

Finally, this was not Bruce's first brush with the law. Although this information will probably get excluded from evidence if Bruce is prosecuted, in 2007, Bruce "was charged with misdemeanor battery. . .for hopping over the bed of a tow truck and shoving its driver. He pleaded no contest." Today, Bruce remains violent.


msakel said...

This is disgraceful. Why would an Orthodox priest shout "Allah akbar"? Are U.S. redneck homophobes that far lacking in rudimentary education (or proper sexual outlets) to fail to appreciate that there do exist religions other than the Televangelicals of the South and the Muslims?

Does this homophobic moron not know that the Orthodox Church is the oldest Church in Christianity and that other-than-Fox religious affiliations should be respected, and not hit upon the head with iron bars? Was this angry muscular mass of moronic substance feeling that threatened by a man with a beard and in religious clothing asking for his help?

This angry 'marine' in (stained) uniform should be excommunicated from the army and enrolled in an Anger-management and junior high Cultural Studies program. Meantime, sentence this dangerous idiot to a two-year jail term to cool off and pray. And tell him to bring his tire-iron bar with him. The inmates may want to use it to break the monotony--while the muscular marine solemnly studies the Great Schism of the Church, Byzantine eccleciastical diplomacy, and learn the difference between Catholics and Orthodox. Upon successful graduation, he can then learn the difference between the Muslim and Christian religions.

And pray that any nuns in long black clothing asking for directions in Florida don't get punched out or require stitches for shouting "Allah akbar" in sign language.....

Phuck said...

Jason Bruce told his side of the story today on the Bubba the Love Sponge radio show in Tampa. You might want to check it out.

Tina said...

First of all this is a perfect example of the media (IE this article) taking what little information you have and spinning it to suite you story. Has anybody taking the time to get the marine's side of the story or actually heard the facts? No you haven't, why? Because he hasn't come out openly with his story. Until this morning. You assume that because this man was "spun" to be a muscular person automatically this means he was the aggresor. Not that he is a healthy 225 pound 6'2" male. What about the fact that the presit was heavier and taller at 250 6'5" than Jason to begin with . Bet you didn't hear that side of the story. Secondly I doubt for one minute that you even knew that he didn't know that the man was a priest to begin with. What Jason was confronted with was a 250 pound man dressed in a robe and sandles wearing a beard, in the highly secured parking garage of him home, was approached and obviously felt threatened, do you think that you would try to defend yourself? So for you to jump to conclusions and assume that the priest was innocent just shows how ignorant you people are. Instead of lashing out at this man maybe you should try and learn the facts. I suggest you listen close and hear that the man was actually commended by the police and was ask to help in searching the priest's car. It wasn't until the media got wind of this story that was given by the spin doctors of the church that everyone ASSUMED that it was a "meat head" with anger issues who was at fault. I can bet that as soon as you hear the whole story and the CREDIABLE facts you will change your tune... or you will be another idiot who thought that Micheal Jackson and OJ were innocent.

But as for you Darren Leonard Hutchinson you probably don't care what the facts are and So I doubt that you will even try to see that the news media has easily swayed your opinion by leaving out the pertinent information that will allow everyone to see that this preist who was in a place that he should not of been in the first place, to ask for directions. Why didn't he just use is GPS? Oh that's right it wasn't working, yeah right. The fact that the marine called 911 as the incedent was taking place and the fact that the preist dose NOT want to press charges? He just wants it to go away, really? If you were beaten with a tire iron don't you think that you would be going after this guy? Or how bout fact that there are numerous witnesses that say that the bearded man GRABBED JASON AND WENT AFTER HIM!!!!! Nope I guess you didn't hear that either?!?! Well I hope that in a few days when the facts start rolling in you might change your opninion.

liberal dissent said...

Wow. A few points, Tina:
1. The police took the time to get the "story" from the guy. Well, a bunch of different stories.

2. Anyone who has a GPS knows perfectly well they stop working all the time.

3. Where are these other witnesses? Because I haven't heard anything about that. Do you have a cite?

4. If you feel threatened because a man approaches you saying "please help," then tough. You can't legally "defend" yourself because of your subjective fear.

5. And regardless, when the man starts running, you can't chase him 3 blocks hitting him with a tire iron and claim "self-defense."

6. Finally, you think it's sinister a PRIEST would turn the other cheek?

Darren Lenard Hutchinson said...

Tina/Jason: Relax. Inhale....Exhale.....

GPS can lead people astray. That's a fact. The story report did not say that the GPS was not working but that it took him to an unfamiliar part of town.

Also, seeing a 250 pound person does not send most sane people grabbing for a deadly weapon. Perhaps you/Jason should get some psychiatric help instead of unleashing deadly force on an innocent individual. By your own post, you/Jason weigh 225 pounds; according to your "logic," that would justify a tire iron attack on you!


Darren Lenard Hutchinson said...

LD: Thanks for trying to reason with insanity!

Darren Lenard Hutchinson said...

Phuck: "Bubba" has not put up Bruce's new story. He told several to the police officers.

For those of you who think a condo is a "private home," take a look at the building where the altercation occurred:

Anonymous said...

Jasen Bruce's "gay panic" defense is hilarious, considering that he himself appears online in soft-porn photos obviously aimed at gay men! (This was first reported a few days ago at the usually reliable If you want a good laugh, check out the man-love photos of this idiot here:

Looks like Jasen Bruce is just another closeted-homosexual Neo-Nazi wannabe, no matter what Bubba the Love Sponge says.

(If Jasen's special page been taken down already, look for that page at the Wayback Machine:

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