Sunday, November 1, 2009

CBS Sports Writer Salivates Over Prospect of Tim Tebow Injury

Yesterday, the number-one ranked Florida Gators defeated Southeastern Conference foe University of Georgia 41-17. The game was only close at the beginning.

Florida quarterback Tim Tebow threw two touchdown passes, and he rushed for two more. Tebow also surpassed the rushing touchdown record of legendary Georgia tailback Herschel Walker. The defense played amazingly good football, as usual, intercepting four Georgia passes, making three sacks, scoring one touchdown, and limiting Georgia to only 286 yards.

Salivating Over Prospect of Tebow Injury
During the game, Tebow took a few hard hits from Georgia's defense. The possibility that one of Georgia's players could have injured Tebow, who already suffered a concussion this season, excites Dennis Dodd, a CBS Sports writer:

If Tim Tebow makes it the end of the season without another debilitating injury, it will be a minor miracle. Florida might have worked 'em silly, Georgia almost knocked Tebow silly [sic]. It wouldn't be the first time for a Gators opponent. We already know Superman isn't indestructible after that concussion suffered in Kentucky. At this rate, something big and terrible is coming. . . .

Everyone assumes Tebow will make it through, but will he make it through playing at such a high level? Two years ago, he came into this game with an injury to his non-throwing shoulder and was under orders to limit his running. Georgia sacked him six times in the Gator Stomp game, a 42-30 victory. . . .

Tebow showed no outward signs of damage. In fact, he sprinted around the rim of Jacksonville Municipal Stadium for a final victory lap in his last Georgia game. But could Georgia somehow have an impact on the national championship by being part of the cumulative effect?

While most other journalists who covered the game reported that Florida played its best football in weeks, a clearly excited Dodd predicts gloom and doom for Tebow.

Dodd also quotes Georgia player Demarcus Dobbs, who is more blatant about his desire that Tebow sustain an injury. Addressing a particular hit he delivered to Tebow, Dobbs says: "I was hoping he didn't get up, but he's competitor, he's a great player. . . ." Expressing a desire that another player suffer an injury is highly unprofessional. Dodd, unlike Dobbs, is a professional, and should operate at a higher level of sophistication.

Other Inflammatory Things
To make matters worse, Dodd falsely states that Brandon Spikes admitted last week that he and Tebow had a "skirmish" after the team's victory over Mississippi State. But Dodd's own transcript of the exchange between Spikes and a Florida Times-Union reporter disproves his portrayal of the interview. The reporter certainly asked Spikes whether he and Tebow had a "skirmish." Spikes, however, dismissed the question, stating: "Me and T's friends, brothers. It wasn't nothing. It was all positive. We came together me and him, got the team together and we kind of got things right."

Finally, Dodd also ponders whether Urban Meyer will leave the Gators and "parlay this run into a new job somewhere else." He also predicts that Florida will not have a successful time playing after Tebow leaves and when the "somewhat more conventional" John Brantley takes over at quarterback.

Question: Is Dodd hostile to every team or is he simply a Gator-hater?


Alessandro Machi said...

Where do we make article suggestions? I am curious what you think of a California law that prohibits people being interviewed from secretly recording the reporter who is asking them the questions.

I just can't imagine being at the mercy of an interviewer and if I choose to record the conversation as proof of what I said or did not say, that I have broken a law. That seems just crazy to me. Why should I have to tell the interviewer I am recording them when anything I say is already open to republication anyways?

liberal dissent said...

AM: California's a two-party consent jurisdiction for recording conversations; I don't see how it matters whether the other person's a reporter or any other profession.

FLRN said...

Everyone wants to shout down the Gators as if a Tebow injury is all that is holding us together - some more than others.

Let them talk as here in the SWAMP it is just another "Day of Celebration in the Gator Nation - Go Gators!"

FLRN said...
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FLRN said...

May be I spoke too soon. Check out the Sun Darren!

Shands AGH is no more - Sunday, November 01, 2009
Perhaps here at home there is just one less reason to be joyful as this marks the end of an era - some politicians are asleep at the wheel.

Darren Lenard Hutchinson said...

AM: I was going to say what LD said. Some jurisdictions simply require giving notice before recording another person. So, I am not sure how the "reporter" aspect fits in this discussion. Were conversations with reporters previously exempt from the notice requirement in California?

FLRN: Go, Gators!

Hershblogger said...

Answer: Who cares about the bias of some MSM idiot?

I mean, is Olbermann hostile to everyone with common sense or is he a hater?

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