Saturday, October 17, 2009

Wall Street in Recovery

The New York Times is reporting that Wall Street is having a robust recovery -- thanks to generous financial assistance from the federal government.

Question for the extreme right: What "socialist" would pump money into the very financial institutions that fuel global capitalism? Hint: None!

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Aeneas said...

Good morning Professor!

And here's the answer to your question from the armchair nihilist contingent--the one that wants to take over all the major private institutions and major industries. They make such useful idiots!

Remember Maher when he called 'some' stupid? He was right; although he was talking about a different set of 'stupid'.

The nihilists have spoken. :)

Sorry for the long absence, although it was only in the lack of comments. Life...

And by the way, what do you think of the WH's attack on Fox? I find it very intriguing; in a disgusted sort of way.

Dunn+Mother Theresa+Mao? WTF?! there goes another one without intellectual digestive system; which explains what comes out of her after she ingests all the mish-mash.

Sorry... venting. ***breathe... good air in... bad air out... wait! It feels like bad air in, good air out. Oh, I give up.***

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