Monday, October 26, 2009

Obama Releases Statement "Supporting" Public Plan, But In Washington, Talk Is Cheap

President Obama has released another statement indicating his support for the inclusion of a public plan in healthcare reform. The statement comes after a new round of rumors portray him as unsupportive of a public plan option.

Last week, a coalition of liberal groups sent a letter to the White House demanding that President Obama lobby strongly for the public plan option. The difference between "lobby" and "support" probably means a lot in this context.

Although Obama has stated his support for the public plan, some liberals believe that he is not exercising the leadership needed to make inclusion of the plan in legislation a reality. Also, NPR's Tavis Smiley says that Senator Charles Schumer told him off-the-air that Obama was "noncommittal" on the public plan in a closed-door meeting with Senators last week.

Supporting the public plan does not mean fighting for it. So, perhaps the liberal groups were correct to demand more than Obama's support.


Sue said...

Darren the longer this goes on the madder I am getting! All this talk about liberals saying the president isn't being truthful and is not being forceful on his stance, is the truth. We won't know whats in this bill til it's on the presidents desk and he has his pen in hand! I for one am sick to death of the whole friggin thing!! Be a MAN Obama AND step up to the PLATE!!!

Darren Lenard Hutchinson said...

Hey, Sue. I'm with you! 2 things have me mad. 1. Rumors are hard to dissect. 2. Despite the unreliability of rumors, it seems pretty clear that the WH does not consider a robust public plan part of the agenda.

Sue said...

Darren even if the White House DOES consider the robust PO, we will still get the run around! A few minutes ago I heard the opt-out version will most likely be what the president goes with, who the hell knows anynmore!!

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