Friday, September 18, 2009

Still Wrong: David Rivkin and Lee Casey

Conservative lawyers David Rivkin and Lee Casey are at it again -- arguing that a healthcare mandate would violate the Constitution. Last month, the duo wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post that made the same arguments. That essay failed to take hold among among constitutional law theorists. Now, they are trying again. Unfortunately, they are still wrong.

I have addressed this issue in two blog essays:

Is Healthcare Reform "Unconstitutional"? No -- Why Rivkin and Casey Are Wrong

More Hot Air from "Hot Air": Implies Healthcare Reform Unconstitutional

Conservative Jonathan Adler has reiterated his disagreement as well:

Is Obama Care Unconstitutional? - Part Deux.

1 comment:

liberal dissent said...

Again, Rivkin is an ironic choice to be lecturing everyone else on Constitutional law, after his repugnant defense of some of the worst abuses of the Bush administration.

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