Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New Poll: 73% of Doctors Favor Socialized Medicine, Rationing of Care, Death Panels, Nazism, and Pulling Plug on Grandma

A new poll conducted by researchers at the Mt. Sinai School of Medicine in New York shows that 73% of doctors favor socialized medicine, rationing of care, death panels, Nazism, and pulling the plug on grandma. Actually, they favor some type of public plan option as a part of healthcare reform. 10% of doctors want a public-only format, while 63% favor a public-private mix. Only 27% want a private-only system.

Conservatives have described a public plan option as socialized medicine, a governmental takeover of healthcare, Nazism, and several other horribly deceptive labels. The providers of medical care, however, overwhelmingly support a public plan option.

It is time for the country to listen to medical professionals, rather than angry and uninformed people marching around with disgusting and tasteless signs (suggestive of racism and violence) and shouting deceptive propaganda while returning home to worship Jesus. I certainly trust doctors more than this motley crew.


Sue said...

Darren I just listened to Obama talking to the AFL-CIO, I believe a public option will be included in the bill. We just need to stop giving the wingnuts so much airtime on TV and on our blogs, they are a teeny tiny minority but they want us to beleive they are huge and have power, which they have NONE!!!

Darren Lenard Hutchinson said...

I think that Republican politicians and moderate Democrats are enabling them. So, that's why I respond. I think it is important to delegitimize them. It seems to be working!

Sue said...

I hope you are right!

Kansas City said...

At least you guys are cutting back on the demeaning ridicule. Sue now is just "wignuts" rather than idiots and zombies. Darren has dropped the tea bag references. But you continue to pick on a few people out of millions who oppose the proposed reform.

Why aren't you more concerned about the deceptions coming from Obama, e.g. health care reform will not add a dime to the deficit.

Darren, you sometimes cite George Will. Consider his Newsweek column about people realizing Obama does not believe what he says.

Darren Lenard Hutchinson said...

KC: First of all, the "horrified" reaction to the word "tea bag" seems to come from a place of sex-phobia. I had not even realized I used the term, until you mentioned it, and now you are breathing a sigh of relief. OK....

Also, more than a "few" people have discussed the issue of reform in terms of socialism, etc. Also, you want me to focus on a "few" professional Republicans who use "cleaner" arguments -- but how is that different than focusing on a "few" nonpoliticians?

Finally, George Will is late on this issue -- if your description of his column is accurate.

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