Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Recently, several conservatives have visited my blog (I suspect many for the first time) and have denounced my critiques of conservative politicians and policy positions on the grounds that I am a "biased liberal." Many of them have argued that unless I can prove that I have criticized liberals as well, they will not accept my criticism of conservatives (apparently, regardless of the merits of my arguments).

Well, as a proud and happy educator, I have linked to nearly 200 blog posts that either defend conservatives -- including Bush, Palin, Steele, McCain and Limbaugh -- or which criticize liberals -- including progressives/Democrats, the so-called "liberal media," and President Obama.

I challenge any conservative reader to name a staunch conservative blogger or commentator who has defended liberals and criticized conservatives to the extent that I have gone against my own ideological instincts.


Get a Grip People: Bush Is not the Worst President in U.S. History

Presidential Idol: Lincoln the Best, Bush Not the Worst

Yikes! Congress' Approval Ratings Lower Than President Bush's

Say What? Obama and Bush Agree On 20 Major Issues, CNN Article Finds


Bitter Sarcasm Alert: Flap Over Rush Limbaugh Proves That the Media Continues to Cover Extremely Compelling News Items!

Rush: The New Bush


Blacks, the Poor, and Democrats Overwhelmingly Endorse McCain's Mortgage Plan

Fundamentals of the Economy Are Sound -- Really?

New Polls Finds That Voters Care More About McCain's Age Than Obama's Race

Who Won the Debate? Depends Upon Which Candidate You Support


Is Liberal Sexism Against Palin OK? No!

Washington Post Proclaims That "Sarah Palin Picks Ferraro as Favorite Vice President." Shocking -- Yes. Truthful -- No.

Palin's Neiman Marcus Run a Drop in the Bucket: 2008 Is Most Expensive Election Ever

CNN and CBS Release Highly Misleading Polls Regarding VP Debate

Palin: A Roveian Strategy?

Madness from the Left and Right: Obama's Birth and Palin's Divorce

The Democrats' Palin Strategy: A Bridge to Nowhere!

Like a Moose Caught in the Headlights? How Will Sarah Palin Do Tonight?

November Surprise Regarding Troopergate: Palin Did Not Break Any Laws, Alaska Board Finds

Michael Steele

Man of Steele: RNC Chair Serves Major "Swagger" During Recent Interview

From the "Post-Racial" Vault: Slate Magazine Asks Whether Michael Steele Is Barack Obama's "Evil Twin"

A Black Progressive Law Professor Responds to News That Michael Steele Will Lead the GOP

I have criticized:

"Democrats," "Liberals" and "Progressives"

Hold Them Accountable Too: Many Democrats Supported Policies of the "Worst President" (Part I)

Hold Them Accountable Part II: If Conservatives Caused the Economic Crisis, They Had a Lot of Help from Democrats!

Chicken Little Politics: Moderate Obama Causes Progressive Panic

2008 Is Not 1964: Why Liberal Mania and Conservative Panic Are Nothing But Melodrama

Elevating Form Over Substance: Liberals Now Argue that They Oppose the Label of Bush's Program, Not the Substance

Split Ticket? What California's Battle Over Same-Sex Marriage Means for U.S. Liberals

Free at Last? No!

Strong Support for California Anti-Gay Measure Proves That Many Blue-State Voters Embrace Red Agendas

Lunacy from HuffingtonPost: Jesse Berney Says Democrats Should Ignore the GOP in January!

The Powell Endorsement: A Good Thing?

Head Explosion at The Nation: Left "Duped" by Its "Own Wishful Thinking"

If President Hillary Clinton Had Same Cabinet As Obama, Left Would Experience Meltdown

Progressives Awaken from Obama-Vegetative State

Reality Check: Obama's Election Victory Does Not Mean That Era of Race-Based Identity Politics Has Died

What (I Think) Progressives Should Have Done for Workers of Republic Windows and Doors

Republic Windows and Doors Received a Bailout from Chicago Before It Bailed Out of Chicago

MADE IN IOWA: Did Company in Chicago Sit-In Illegally Discard Its Workers and Quietly Relocate While Liberals Forced BOA to Pay for the Shady Scheme?

Laid-Off Republic Windows and Doors Workers: Pawns in Political Football

Dodd's Discriminatory Bailout: "Regime Change" for Main Street, But Not for Wall Street?

Drink Coffee With Obama: DNC Offers Commemorative Obama Holiday Coffee Mug for Donations!

Cheerleading for Ledbetter Law Drowns Out Discussion of More Progressive Pay Equity Measure

No Child Left Behind: Obama Magically Negates Differences in Black-White Peformance on Standardized Tests!

Separate and Unequal Public Schools: "Liberal" Blue States Have Worse Records Than "Dixie"

Patrick Buchanan Shows Greater Commitment to Liberal Values Than Senate Democrats, Defends Roland Burris

From the "Duh" Files: Effusive Political Adoration Does Not Lead to Social Change

Still a Flip-Flop: My Fellow Liberals Push Back Against Allegations of Inconsistency Concerning Rendition

Major Flip-Flop by Human Rights Watch: Organization Waiting for Obama to Develop Kinder, Gentler Rendition Program

Professor Balkin Defends Constitutionality of Bonus Tax

EXTREME IRONY ALERT: Rendell Says Steele Is Toast Because Republican Leaders Do Not Want A "Big Tent"

Will Defenders of the "Kinder, Gentler" Rendition" Beat Up the United Nations?

NBC Sex Therapist Thinks the Obamas Can Stimulate Romance

Are Young People Really Progressive As New Study Claims?

Pathetic News Item: "Liberal" New York City Charging Homeless People to Stay at Shelters!

Democrats Finally Seem to Accept the Truth About Specter

Several Senators Want States to Ban TWD: Texting While Driving

No! "Gay Is Not the New Black," BUT. . . .

Latest Recipient of a "Rotten Tomato Award": The Southern Christian Leadership Conference

OK, Kids: Protests = Good; Disrupting Meetings, Punching People, Hurling Racial Slurs, Etc. = Bad

"Our" "Mature" "Leaders": DNC and RNC Play Tag

Madness from the Left and Right: Obama's Birth and Palin's Divorce

Remember the Drama Over Those Missing White House Emails?


The "Yes We Can" Movement Gets Sudden Reality Check!

Much Ado About Nothing? Liberals Absolutely Ecstatic Over Return to Pre-Bush Status Quo

Do Nepotism, Wealth and Dynastic Power "Taint" Kennedy's Likely Senate Appointment? Taking Reid's Arguments Where He Wouldn't Want Them to Go

Back Down Memory Lane: A Review of Anti-Clinton Rhetoric by "Progressives" on Daily Kos, Huffington Post, and AlterNet

Warning to Progressives: NYT Proclaims Obama Will Govern From Center-Right

So When Exactly Does "Change" Arrive? Senate Battle Over Burris and Blagojevich Offers "More of the Same"!

Would Obama Have Won If He Were Black...and Gay?

Black Californians and Proposition 8: Is White Gay Anger Justifiable?

A Wise Bob Herbert Discusses What Happens "After Election Day"

Raining on My Party's Parade? An Election-Day Analysis of Hillary Clinton and Liberal Sexism by a Progressive Law Professor

More Progressives Question Liberals' Euphoria

Blacks Less Optimistic About a Coming Liberal Utopia

A Sober Look at a Democratic Sweep

An Obama Presidency Would Cause the Death of Racism and the Civil Rights Movement, Says Alec Baldwin.

Bah Humbug: Both Parties Are Guilty With Respect to the Economy, But Neither Offers Concrete Solutions

FactCheck.Org Confirms What Neither Party Will Admit: Bipartisan Blame for Wall Street Woes

"Liberal" Media

Excuse Me Dana Milbank, Your Sexism Is Showing (Again)

Isn't It Ironic: E.J. Dionne's Column on Politics, the Media and Obama

Reader Challenge: How Has Obama Changed DC?

LA Times Joins the Hillary Media Makeover

Hillary's Media Makeover Continues: Secretary of State Clinton Scores High Marks for Her Asia Tour

"Scratching and Surviving" Less Newsworthy Than Politicians at Labor Protests: Scant Media Coverage of Republic Windows Workers After Sit-In

"Change" Has Arrived: NYT's Frank Rich Criticizes Obama For the First Time!

2008's Biggest Losers: The Media

Absolutely Shocking News Alert!

Oy Vey: Liberals Dominate Media Because They Want to "Change the World," Says WaPo Ombudsman

Why I Don't Trust the Media, Part 1000: Palin-Africa Story a Hoax

After the Obamercial: A Hint of Criticism Amidst Effusive Praise

2 Politico.Com Reporters Concede Media Biased, Blame McCain

ABC News Takes on Issue of Media Bias and Concludes: It Exists

Another Study Proves That 1+1=2, Or That the Media Love Obama, Hate McCain/Palin, and Who's Biden?

On Low Roads and Hypocrisy: The Media, Sexism and Hillary Clinton

Obama/Obama Administration

Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Don't Hold Your Breath

Rick Warren versus Don Imus: Obama's Inconsistent Positions

The Fallacy of Obama's "Diversity" Defense: Rick Warren's Views Already Have a Place at the Table

Embracing Uncle Good-But-Homophobic: Why "Reaching Across the Aisle" to Rick Warren Does Not Feel Safe to Everyone

Obama and Don't Ask, Don't Tell: Political Hot Air?

Obama and Gates: Two Unlikely "Race Men"

NYC Flyover Drama: An Update and a Question

Obama Administration's "Measured" Approach to Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Kinder, Gentler Discrimination: Obama Administration Trying to Make "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" More "Humane"

Dissenting Justice on the DOMA Brief, Part II: The Legal Arguments

Indefinite Detention By Executive Order: Another Looming Disappointment for the Left?

Dissenting Justice on the DOMA Brief, Part I: The Politics


Obama on National Security: I Am Doing the Right Things; I Have Not Broken Campaign Promises

Earth to Obama: Your Supreme Court Choice Is SUPPOSED to Galvanize Republicans

When Will Obama Close the Guantanamo Bay Prison?

Did the President Misspeak? Health Care Leaders Say Obama Misrepresented Their Promise to Reduce Costs

Change Alert: Indefinite Detention in the USA -- Not Guantanamo Bay

President Obama: Less Talk, More Action on GLBT Rights Issues!

They're Baaack. . . .

WhiteHouse.Gov Gets GLBT Makeover

Kinder, Gentler Military Tribunals? You Betcha. . . .

New Partisan Theatrics on the Left: GOP Supports the Flu

Obama Administration Will Appeal Court Ruling Which Allows Habeas Petitions for Certain Captives in Afghanistan

Et Tu, Olbermann? Some Liberals Finally Realize That for Certain Issues, "Change" Actually Means "More of the Same"

Great Unifier? Pew Center Survey Finds Largest Partisan Gap in Presidential Approval Ratings

Big One from the Washington Post: Obama Administration Plans to Devise Scheme to Avoid Company Restrictions on Bailout Funds

Another Alaska Criminal Case, Different Posture by DoJ

Grab the Smelling Salts: Obama Gives Her Majesty an iPod!

More on Bailouts, Autos and Banks

Discriminatory Bailouts? $2 Trillion for Wall Street, Tough Love for Detroit

Irony Alert: Can Spain Abduct Bush-Era Officials and Prosecute Them for Violating International Law?

Reliable FactCheck.Org Dissects Obama's Tuesday Night News Conference

Feds Converts Value of AIG Bonuses Into a Short-Term Loan: Geithner Says He Will Deduct $165 Million from AIG's Next TARP Installment

More Outrage: Obama Administration Knew About the Bonuses Months Ago

Misdirected Outrage: Public Should Bash the Feds for Giving AIG a "Blank Check"

Sincere or False Outrage? The Obama Administration Smacks Down AIG

Change = Same?

First Bush, Now Obama: Department of Justice Opposes Inmate's Effort to Test DNA Evidence Used to Convict Him

Finally -- A Bipartisan Issue: Hypocrisy Regarding Earmarks!

Obama's "Interesting" Comments About Rendition

Silly Me: Opposition to Earmarks Is "Last Year's Business"

No Kicking and Screaming Yet. . .

Is "Rosy" Back? Economists Question Obama's Economic Forecasting

GITMO: Why Is Obama Closing Such a Professional, Lawfully Run Facility?

Attorney General Holder Visits Guantanamo Bay After Pentagon Report Declares That Detention Facility Complies With Geneva Conventions

You Won't Believe Your Eyes: Despite Anti-Earmark Fervor and Economic Crisis, Proposed Budget Would Fund Thousands of Pork Projects

Two Important Terrorism Updates...But You've Heard Them Before

Don't Blame the Current Economic Conditions: Obama's Softer Position on NAFTA Emerged Almost a Year Ago

Chill Out, Canada: Despite Tough Campaign Rhetoric Obama Will Not Touch NAFTA

So Exactly When Does "Change" Begin, Take 45345234524523452452: Elena Kagan Says Government Can Indefinitely Detain Terrorism Suspects

Just As I Predicted: Obama Administration Invokes State Secrets Privilege in Anti-Torture Lawsuit

Panetta: Rendition Will Continue, Would Ask Obama to Authorize Harsher Interrogation Methods "If Necessary"

Speaking of Obama, Rendition and Torture. . . .

Corporate Salary Caps: Reading the Fine Print

Obama Will Order Military to Study Whether It Should Stop Discriminating Against Gays and Lesbians

My Requisite Feel-Good Inauguration-King Day Essay

Waffling or Just Filling in the Details: Obama's Statements on Guantanamo Bay Raise Questions

Maxing Out on Lincoln: Obama Will Eat Abe and Mary Todd's Favorite Foods at Inauguration Luncheon

Dining With Rivals: Obama to Honor McCain, Biden and Powell at Pre-Inauguration Event

Latest Cabinet Buzz: Richard Holbrooke to Lead South Asia Diplomacy

Governing In Prose: Obama's Cabinet Picks Defy Campaign Narrative That Emphasized "Hope," "Change," and "Washington-Outsider" Status

Will Wonders Ever Cease: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Stonewalling on Don't Ask, Don't Tell? No Action Until 2010

Robert Gates as Obama's Secretary of Defense: "More of the Same" for Gay Rights?

More "Change": Tom Daschle to Lead Dept. of Health and Human Services

Professor Tony Sebok: Do Not Look to Obama or Senate for Civil Justice Reform

Attorney General: Eric Holder, Clinton-Era DOJ Official

Big Guv'ment Alert: Obama Promises to Reform College Football!!!

If Clinton Becomes Sec. of State for Obama, My Cynicism Will Max Out!

Obama Picks Two Clintonites for White House Positions

From Strange to Surreal: Sec. of State Clinton

Trail of Broken Promises: A Powerful Closing Argument By an Unknown Candidate

Update: More Post-Obamercial Budget Analysis

Which Candidate Will Keep His Campaign Promises AND Reduce the Deficit? Neither!

Barack Obama: Echoes of Bill Clinton

Will Wonders Ever Cease! Bill Clinton and Barack Obama on the Campaign Circuit

Look Who's "Divisive" Now: The Anti-Obama Attacks Similar to Republican Smearing of the Clintons

Obama Proposes 90-Day Moratorium on Foreclosures, Despite Previously Bashing Clinton Plan to Do the Same

Obama Allows Two "Racists" to Campaign for Him: Why?

Enough Criticism, Senator Obama. Where Is Your Plan to Help Homeowners?

Obama Flip-Flop? Rejects McCain's Mortgage Plan As Too Costly


Anonymous said...

I think you're missing the point. Those that might complain about substance on your blog are clearly just noisemaking disruptors who are not actually interested in intelligent debate. Confronting them with facts will not do any good if they do not care about facts to begin with.

Darren Lenard Hutchinson said...

Anonymous: Good point. Perhaps it's the educator in me. Also, this is for my own benefit. Finally, it may help others who do not "know" the blog.

Anonymous said...

Darren, I felt that your remarks were dismissing the protesters' arguments based on their actions, which are not one in the same. The second point I had was that even though I disagree with the methods of protest, after 7 years of bad behavior from the left I find it hard to feel bad when the right resorts to the same tactics.
The only blogging community on the "right" which I have found that consistently criticizes both sides are those over at Reason. Yours is a great perspective from the left, consistently pointing out flaws with both sides. Keep it up.

Darren Lenard Hutchinson said...


It's completely fine not to accept a persons's argument, but I usually do that with more argumentation. I have posted a few articles on here regarding the substance of healthcare reform, and I even explored the subject in the piece on the protestors. I do not oppose people expressing their viewpoints. Instead, I opposed the method. Outside of the meetings, I would have even endorsed a big loud and boisterous rally against "Obamacare." I love free speech.

Your second argument is what keeps us in the partisan trap - although you certainly are not in this alone. If we keep saying "but you did this," we will never escape. Even though I criticized both conservatives AND liberals, I still received messages saying "but liberals did this." It was maddening from the perspective of someone who wants to move beyond that....

The other point I would make briefly is that the Right also behaved badly with respect to speech during the Bush administration. Tossing people from restaurants, planes, malls, etc., because they were wearing anti-war tshirts is a bit much. The Dixie Chix were chased off the national radio scene just because they spoke candidly at a concert. I hope that many rightwingers can look back on these moments as overblown, just as they ask liberals to do the same.

Anonymous said...

This is one of the few blogs out there that does, in fact, rely on the merits of an arguement when discussing an issue, rather than the partisan colors of the people in question.

So it's a bit confusing to me how someone could level a charge of bias. I thought "dissenting" from positions that you felt were wrong, regardless of who was making those positions, was the point of the blog.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Darren Lenard Hutchinson said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
restaurant refugee said...

The reason the ideologues are allowed to get away with this is because intellectual dishonesty is not a concern to anyone with attention spans measured in seconds.

UNRR said...

You can put me down as someone on the right who thinks that you are an intellectually honest liberal and not a blind partisan. I haven't commented here before, other than to link one of your posts, but I appreciate the fact that you take a critical look at your own side.

Darren Lenard Hutchinson said...

Restaurant: millisecond.

UNRR: THANKS. I will add that liberals have done the same. I was banned from MAJOR liberal websites - which is why I started my own blog.

The Gaucho Politico said...

While i commend your general even handedness and intellectual honesty in criticising those who deserve it regardless of party afiliation or ideology i think it unfortunately legitimizes the assumptions underpinning the critique. its entirely possible that you could never criticise liberals and have all your critiques of conservatives be valid. Every argument should be weighed post by post and the fact that you have criticised or defended an ideology or party in the past shouldnt matter.

Darren Lenard Hutchinson said...

Gaucho - although I agree with you, people do not appreciate nuance and logic -- especially when they are insecure in their own position. In the future, I will always be able to silence that madness with a simple link -- followed by your argument (that "it doesn't matter").

Midnight Angel said...

I am an conservative. I agree with what your view states in this post. I read both views (liberal and conservative) to stay in touch and make my own decisions.

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